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Default ZooMumba Wiki

I have made a ZooMumba Wiki for free at Wikia. Some of you know about it, but I thought I'd mention it for anyone who hasn't.
  • There are several German sites made for ZooMumba, I thought it was time for one in English
  • It includes a lot of information about the game, which I have put together, but it's not complete.
  • Anyone can use the wiki, and anyone can make edits / add to it.

I am going to follow forum rules here and not post any external links. You guys can find it easily enough with google if you want. We can make it a center for news and information about the game, for us, by us.

Feel free to message me in game or on the forums if you have any questions. Or you can say what you think here.
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Hello MintMouse

I just wanted to say here, well done for setting that up, I am sure it will prove to be very helpful to all of us. Also thank you for observing the forum rules.

Regards Scorpion

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Hi MintMouse,

I did try to direct someone to your wiki a few weeks ago but I'm afraid I dubbed you MiniMouse at the time, apologies for that.

Many thanks for your work on the wiki, it is an excellent resource.
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I remember when I helped this wiki...MintMouse,if you need help,just tell me
Merry Christmas!
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