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Default Toolbar FAQ

What does the toolbar do?
The toolbar keeps you up-to-date on all kinds of Zoomumba news. When you have new messages, the “letter” symbol lights up, and you can see who wrote you and even answer. Clicking on the “gear” symbol is a quick way to log into the game and the forum via the toolbar. And thanks to the events feed you can even see what’s going on in the game. You won’t ever miss an event again!

You’ll receive an awesome bonus item the first time you log in via the toolbar. You’ll find this item in your inventory. Just click on the box symbol with the green checkmark in the main menu. You’ll also get an XP bonus for every day that you log in to Zoomumba via the toolbar.

If you click on the Bigpoint logo, you’ll be redirected to the Bigpoint portal, where many other exciting games await you!

Where can I get the toolbar?
For the time being, you can download the toolbar by clicking on the button in the toolbar news screen. You will then be redirected to the download page.
NOTE: You need to log out of Zoomumba before downloading the toolbar!
Now you can start the toolbar installation. Your browser may ask if you want to install the toolbar – if that’s the case, you should click on “Allow”. We recommend that you clear your browser cache and restart your browser after the installation is complete. With the toolbar, your browser will then look like this:

With which browser does the toolbar work?

The toolbar is compatible with Internet Explorer and Firefox. Opera, Safari, Chrome, etc. are not currently supported. (Safari works on a Mac system, Google chrome will be supported very soon).
I’ve installed the toolbar for Firefox, why is it not shown in IE?
You need to install the toolbar for each different browser. Just download the toolbar using the browser you’d like to use and then install it on that browser.

How do I add my account to the toolbar?
To connect the toolbar to your Zoomumba account, follow these instructions:

- Click on the on/off symbol.
- Click on “Add Account”, enter your Zoomumba username and password and then click on “Login”.
The symbol should now be green – you have successfully connected the toolbar to your Zoomumba account!

My Norton software is warning me of a security risk: “Trojan.ADH”. What does that mean?
That’s a false alarm. Norton software is always a little suspicious of toolbars it doesn’t recognize.

I’ve installed the toolbar, but I can’t see it. What’s wrong?
Click on “View” and then on “Toolbars” and check the box next to the toolbar.

I switched my browser to full-screen mode, and now I can’t see the toolbar in normal mode anymore.
Click on “View” and then on “Toolbars” and put a checkmark beside the toolbar.

How can I change the Bigpoint logo in the toolbar for the Zoomumba logo?
Click on the small arrow to the right of the logo and select the Zoomumba logo.

Can I use the toolbar for many accounts on the same computer?
You can only use the toolbar for one account at a time per browser. If several people who share the same computer want to use the toolbar, the first person needs to log out of the toolbar by clicking on the “gear” symbol before the next person logs in. Of course, the display only shows the state of the zoo of the player who is currently logged in. You can however download the toolbar once on Firefox and once on Internet Explorer to have the toolbar linked to two different zoos at the same time.

Do I have to log out via the toolbar “Logout” button (the “gear” button) every time?
No, you can log out via the game as well, but then the toolbar will be active even when you’re not logged into the game. When you log out via the toolbar, you no longer get updates about your zoo.

Can I connect the toolbar to my other Bigpoint games?
At the moment, the only other Bigpoint game you can connect to the toolbar is Farmerama.

How do I get the XP bonus?
First add your account to the toolbar.
Then click on the following button:

Then click on: "Play now"

How much XP can I get, and how do I get it?
You get a daily XP bonus for logging in via the toolbar. The amount of the bonus depends on your level.

The bonuses per level are as follows:
Level 1–5 = 500 XP
Level 6–10 = 1,500 XP
Level 11–15 = 5,000 XP
Level 16–20 = 10,000 XP
Level 21–25 = 20,000 XP
Level 26–30 = 35,000 XP
Level 31+ = 70,000 XP
How can I delete the toolbar from my computer once I’ve installed it?
If you use Internet Explorer, you can uninstall it via the control panel. If you use Firefox, please go to Extras > Add ons, find the “Bigpoint games community Bar” and click on uninstall.
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