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Default Steps for Economic Tutorial

There were a few problems with the Tutorial that were fixed, and there may be a few more existing for some, but I wanted to list the exact steps to complete the tutorial for those who run into complications for whatever reason.

If you follow all these directions you should be able to complete the Tutorial with ease, but if problems do occur, of course report them. I just did Tutorial on my 2nd account and had zero problems.

Steps for Economic Tutorial:

!) Place a small bay (you at first want to have room available for a small bay and a med warehouse, and also a 3x3 space for your Burger Shop) putting a few passenger items if you have them into storage is the easiest. Click on storage, select the small bay, and place on airport.

2) Place a Cargo Housing (click on storage, then click on Cargo Housing) which is the same as the old Med Cargo Housing but without the service bay attached. You should only have 1 in your Inventory. Place this on your airport.

3) Send a Cargo Plane (click on "Flights" icon) then click on the send underneath small cargo plane, then pick a state/country to send the plane too. I used Belgium. Your chose has to have the "flour" icon under "wares". Pick a player to send small cargo plane too and send it.

4) Land Small Cargo Plane (click on Flights again) and then click on "Land"

5) Collect Flour (after you landed your small cargo plane and placed on pad) then hover over the flour icon to collect it, this will complete this step and give you your Burger Shop which will go into your storage.

6) Place Burger Shop (click on storage) select the Burger Shop and place it on your airport.

7) Refill your Shop (you have already collected your flour from previous step) so just click on your Burger Shop that is already placed on your airport. This will refill your shop with flour wares. This step is complete.

8) Land Plane (you will use the CashCow for this step) click on Flights, then click on "Land" underneath the cash cow. This step should be complete.

9) Sell Products (go to the cashcow plane sitting on your pad) and hover over the Red Shopping Bag, this should sell your products in your Burger Shop. At this point you should be done with the tutorial.

After completing the tutorial there was no need for me to logout and back in again, but if your game doesn't display all your planes and all your icons aren't lit back up instead of being greyed out, then try logging out and back in again and you should be squared away to continue on with your gameplay.

If you followed all these steps and you are still having problems getting through tutorial, then report the problems in the Technical section of Forum along with your UserID and your acct will be looked at.

Regards, DanzFarm1 (a.k.a BlueSkyEyes)
Username: DanzFarm I.D.#: 15628 Country: United Kingdom Level: 46
-----------> 500+ Planes & Copters <-----------
Add me..especially if you have large fleet to send!!

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Created this thread to give players a walkthrough of tutorial if needed. Closing to avoid spam.

Regards, BlueSkies
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