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Default Passengers

How do I get passengers?
Various decorations give you passengers.
How do I get passengers?
The first is through landside building, you can buy these at the store. Landside buildings generate and collect the passengers. If you move the mouse over one of these buildings, you can see how many passengers are in the building. Once the maximum is reached at passengers, a graphic appears on the building:
Once you click on this image, the number of passengers of the building falls back to 0
The second is through visiting buddies. When you visit a buddy, you can pick up passengers at its airport. Do not worry you are not taking any of your friend’s passengers these are provided for you as a reward for visiting buddies.
With decorations you can shorten the generation time of passengers, how much exactly is not yet known yet. Decorative items are available at the shop.
What are passengers?
To start an aircraft, except for cargo planes, you need enough passengers. A plane cannot be sent if you do not have enough passengers. The required number of passengers depends on the type of aircraft. To find out how many passengers you need for an aircraft, you can click on the shopping cart then-> aircraft and once in the aircraft section under each plane is a graphic that shows the required passengers, coins and duty free.
In the FAQ index under planes FAQ you can also find a listing of all aircraft again and the required items to send that plane.
Where can I see how many passengers do I have?
At the top right corner of the screen you see a graphic. The number represents the number of passengers that will be is currently available.

Here's another way to get passengers:
By exchange of souvenirs under collections
When you click on the icon "collections" you see the section "bon vivant" and "essential supplies” and “hiking “If you have collected enough souvenirs, you can exchange passengers for the collection items.

Bon Vivant = 5 passenger exchanged for one of each tie, watch, French cheese and grapes
Essential Supplies = 40 passengers for 7 of each shoes, lipstick, hand bag and jewels
Hiking = 100 passengers exchanged for 8 of each of Rucksack, Walking Boots, Raincoat and Compass
Just click on collect to cash in your collection items.
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