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Default How To Add Buddies


How do I add a Buddy?

Simply Click on the "Add Buddy" button on your toolbar

Then do as shown Below:

How do I send a Plane to a Buddy
First click on "Flights" from the toolbar shown above

Then Click on "New Flights" and select the plane you wish to use.
Click on the country you wish to visit, then get your plane ready and sent it on it's way.

If the player is online at the time and services your airplane you will receive buddy points for each plane you service. The number of points varies by plane type.

Likewise If you service a plane for another player you will earn buddy points as well as coins and experience.

What benefit do I get from sending to buddies
For each aircraft from a friend that you can service and turn around within the allotted time, a certain number of hearts (Buddy Points). You can get this heart, even if you send a friend an airplane and he fails to do this.
As the number of buddy points you share with each player increases your chances of getting a rare item from the flight increases.

Visit your buddies:

Mouse over their name in your toolbar as shown below and a buddy icon will appear. Follow the easy to use visting buddies process as ahown below:

If you visit you will be able to marvel at their airport watch your friend, if present, You can also pick up a few (up to 5) passengers for your own airport.

Do not worry, as these are not taken from your buddies total, so it's worth every day dropping by your buddies airports.

What do I have to do to Delete a buddy?
When deciding to delete a Buddy, you locate their Name in your Buddy List. Mouse over them until you see this icon.

Then click on the Delete Icon on their name. A window will appear as shown below, giving you the option to confirm this deletion.

What happens if I am not online and a friend sends me a plane?
When friends send planes and you can not land and service them, they return after the time expires back home again. Your friend then gets less and you gain no AirCoins Buddy Points or experience.
What happens when the time is up before I have managed to dispatch an airplane?
The plane disappears from your airport and return to Sender. In this case there are no points or other benefits for you for dispatching (same as if you were offline).

Remember, The more planes you send to online buddies, the more buddy points you will share and the higher your chance of getting rare items for your collections

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