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Default my opinion

right this is my 2 penith on whats going on, i have played this game for 4 years none stop now putting on god knows how much money on this game. the first 2 years of this game was brilliant with great events that you could pay pearls and get better rewards but even if you didnt buy pearls you could still make a profit and make your ship better. the third year it started to get worse and the events got few and far between and started to punish the little players that didnt buy pearls. the 4th year bought the raid map which is a great addition to seafight but then it also bought the bots and my god how many bots there are. now the price of pearls has risen. seems every update BigPoint is now making is punishing the fair players that have played this game for a great length of time and not the botters that are cheating and making pearls and everything for free. so BP are now punishing the players that make this game what it is? i for one wont be buying pearls again and i will most likely leave my boat to rot, hope BP is happy now they have pushed the decent players away
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Nice post Justice. I totally agree. After this I am pretty much done. Rather spend my money at happy hour.

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Thank you for your opinion mate.


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