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Old 01.10.2009, 19:49   #1
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Frage no cannons in ship window ??

i got 2 ekstra decks and bought 12 new cannons
want to move the new cannons to the new decks
nothing shows up in the ship part of the window, no cannons nor pirates, so i can't move nothing?
ship has 112/100 cannons
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If you go to the shipyard --> storage cove

Here you can move your cannons on your decks:
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Old 01.10.2009, 20:17   #3
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my problem is that no cannons shows under the ship part (or anywhere else)
if they showed i would have no problems, i guess
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Originally Posted by .FunkyOne. View Post
my problem is that no cannons shows under the ship part (or anywhere else)
if they showed i would have no problems, i guess
it is possible that your cannons are already on the deck, check on all your decks to see if you got those cannons there, if you can not find it, please post this on Technical Questions, Problems and Bugs and make sure to insert your user ID so the support team will take a look at your problem.

Thank you.
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Not only that, but if you did not have the maxium on your main deck, which is 100 for non-elite and 105 for elite, they would have atomaticlly been moved there. My best suggestion is that if they move there, they you should fill that up before you buy decks.

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Old 01.10.2009, 21:37   #6
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I have this problem too,nothing shows in decks,cannons,beams or pirates...! it does say if there is room for anything ie room for cannons 0/6 but i could not see them to interact with...!
This was a problem as i needed to add some pearl cannons but could not see the 30 pounders i wanted to remove first....
I was advised to change my browser by the mod who looked at it as he couldnt see the problem.
I didnt do this instead i sold all the 30 pounders moved the p.cannons on deck then bought new 30 pounders to make up the

HOWEVER i have since noticed that if i scroll down in the trove all the info i was looking for seems to appear in the left colum(ship)

I have no idea why this is and its something ive just put up with...! lol
Try to do the same i would be interested to see if this is the same for anyone else?

I use mozilla firefox

I hope this info may be of use!

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Old 01.10.2009, 22:16   #7
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You do need to click on the Cannons tab... all the cannons will either be on your ship( far left column) or in storage (middle column)

Try scrolling up on the far right scroll bar too maybe.

If you still feel as if there is an issue please post in Technical Questions, Problems and Bugs section and include your user id# (& What server) so a member of our tech team can assist you.

Thank you
Happy Sailing
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