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Default what are flasks of mojo

hey, i was just wondering because i have lots of them, i think, but what are flasks of mojo
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lol mate, on your home page, click on cauldron of aruba.. then you cast your mojos into the cauldron and it gives you stuff
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Originally Posted by travis4972 View Post
hey, i was just wondering because i have lots of them, i think, but what are flasks of mojo
I suggest you to read the Cauldron of Aruba thread from the F.A.Q.
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Originally Posted by travis4972 View Post
hey, i was just wondering because i have lots of them, i think, but what are flasks of mojo
hello pirate
here is all you need to know.

Cauldron of Aruba

With the Cauldron of Aruba you can fight in exciting battles on special sea charts, rake in great rewards and receive pearl items for a lower price than in the bazaar. Of course, Lady Luck also plays an important role here.

How do I get to the Cauldron of Aruba?

You can get there by clicking on “To the Cauldron of Aruba” on this page.

What does the Cauldron of Aruba do?

In the Cauldron of Aruba, you can use mojo flasks to collect scroll parts which lead you to an exciting bonus map. For every mojo flask used, you receive a scroll part, valuable pearl items or other surprises. These surprises can also be switched and do not stay forever.

For help click on the help question mark.

What exactly is mojo and how can I get it?

Mojo was actually a fabric bag which was carried underneath a person’s clothes. Filled with herbs and magical powder, sometimes with coins and other suitable items, it was enchanted with magic, and was meant to protect you from evil or to bring you luck in certain situations. In the game however it is a liquid filled up in a flask; it is the currency for the Cauldron of Aruba and might just bring you luck.

You receive a flask of mojo every day for free, which will show you under extra-mojo in the Cauldron of Aruba. You can also find mojo in some Glitters on the sea chart or in the Cauldron of Aruba.

What can I win here?
In addition to the scroll parts you can win the following items:
• Elite snowballs
• Extra mojo, jokers
• Elite pistols, cutlasses, armor, harpoons
• Elite powder monkeys, life jackets
• … and many other surprises which may also change with time.

How much does a flask of mojo cost?
A flask of mojo will cost you 100 pearls. You also receive a flask of mojo daily and can find mojo in the Glitters. Please refer to: “What exactly is mojo and how can I get it?”

Are there any blanks?
No, every time you use a mojo flask you will be rewarded with at least a scroll part, items, a flask of mojo or a special surprise. If you receive a scroll part which you already have, you can use it as a joker later.

Can I use a scroll map more than once?
You can go back and forth to a bonus map until all opponents there have been conquered, all treasures there have been found or your ship is sunk. To get here, just click on the scroll symbol in the menu. If you have already completed a scroll map in this manner, you have to collect the scroll parts again in order to get to this bonus map. All incomplete scrolls will remain unchanged, however. You can take a look at your progress with these scroll maps under the other menu items.

To enter a scroll, click on the bonus map picture on your water page.

What happens if I receive a scroll part which I already have?
If you already have a scroll part you won’t lose it. For every scroll part which is drawn a second time, you will receive a skull-and-crossbones joker which you can use for any of your next throws in order to multiply the result. You just have to tick off “Use joker”.

How many jokers can I use?
You can collect up to 5 jokers and use them as multipliers. The sixth joker will automatically be used for you.
Depending on the value of the joker, you’ll receive double or triple the value, etc. or even be paid six times the value of your winnings. This applies to all items and also for scroll parts and surprises.

What happens if I get a scroll part when using a joker?
You receive a multiple amount of scroll parts because in this case you won’t receive two of the same kind. If a scroll is completed in this manner, you’ll be paid with elite ammunition for the extra parts.

How do I get to these special maps and what awaits me there?
If you have collected all the scroll parts, you can activate the magic of the Cauldron of Aruba and go to this special map. Here you’ll face a number of exciting challenges: You’ll need to discover many treasures here and beat dangerous opponents. You also have the possibility of leaving this special sea chart using the scroll; however, you have to wait a certain amount of time while logging out and must not be attacked during this time. You can also use the logout function as normal. Please keep in mind that after logging in on this sea chart again you won’t necessarily start out with your last task status.

Further details about this special sea chart will not be revealed here, so if you want to find out more, why not test it yourself. :-)

overview of the Prizes:

The % Behind the prizes is the chance that you have to win that specific prizes each time you do complete the BonusMaps. This does not increase everytime that you complete the maps and win a prizes.

Green BonusMap:
  • 5% Damage Increase 7 Days (DNS) - (50%)
  • 12.500 more hitpoints for 7 days (DNS) - (50%)
Red BonusMap:
  • 5% Damage Increase 14 Days (DNS) - (25%)
  • 25k More HP 7 Days (DNS) - (25%)
  • Dark Mojo Design (ES) - (50%)
Blue BonusMap:
  • 5% Damage Increase 28 Days (DNS) - (25%)
  • 50k More HP 7 Days (DNS) - (25%)
  • BoneShip Design (ES) - (50%)
ELP/EP = ElitePoints and ExpierencePoints Added to your account.
DNS = Does Not Stack - Only one of these prizes will work EG: if more than one is won it is still 5% NOT 10%.
ES = EliteSlot - Designs are added in the Elite ShipYard as a Skin:
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