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Closed Thread
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Old 21.08.2013, 22:04   #111
Join Date: 04.06.2010
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Default event

only thing worth having in this event is the polished muzzle and I got that on day 1 so pretty much a waste of time I might try for it again coz I recon u can get it twice if you try but sort it out bp the skins are useless to those of us that have challace skins and the pets are a joke, also as many people have said not really a good event for the smaller players, speed shooter is impossible to get all 15 ships (4.2 mill on the last ship really) the shepherd game is tedious and speed racer is full of bugs also no pearls from npc's nice try but seriously think back 2-3 years ago when you did some decent events and maybe bring them back to that level
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Old 22.08.2013, 22:03   #112
Join Date: 17.12.2008
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What is challace skin?
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Old 23.08.2013, 01:24   #113
Join Date: 23.12.2010
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This has to be one of the most annoying events ever - games are rigged now - need double hits on shephard thing to make it move. Waste of time this event is and this game - geesh...
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Old 23.08.2013, 08:55   #114
Join Date: 26.06.2010
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Beitrag Where is 10% bonus

In the facts it states :
'In addition, for every consecutive day you log in, your bonus buff on both the Cursed and Radiant Souls you can collect will increase. Therefore, logging in on day 1 you will get 2% extra on the event currency payout. On the 2nd day you will get 4% extra, on the 3rd day you will get 6% and on the 4th day you will get 10% extra!'

Given that souls are only available in the mini games why are we not getting the 10 percent extra?. i understand you can not get it for radiant but should get it for the cursed souls. This little extra would have helped all players with the extra 1 or 2 souls per mini game.
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Old 23.08.2013, 09:15   #115
Join Date: 20.07.2010
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Default 10%

I agree with above as it takes a minimum of 1950 souls for the royal. the extra 195 would have helped. In fact in UK if goods that are not as described consumers have the right of a full refund of monies paid. This would apply to those who actually felt the need to pay cash to get what they wanted in this glitch ridden event.
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Old 23.08.2013, 11:07   #116
Join Date: 16.06.2011
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Default finaly

Yeah with one day left in the event the fix the fact that you get 10% extra on the souls
now you get 22 souls out of the games instead of 20.

Wow i missed a lot of souls because i had played a lot of mini games already, hopefully we get compansated for this screwup.

Maybe they will test something before bringing it out for us, i mean the hall of fame, the guild page is stuck on the same page of the 18th.

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Old 23.08.2013, 11:40   #117
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Join Date: 21.05.2008
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Böse Sort this immediatly

finally we get the 10%. I should get another 200.
However, more importantly I ahve have enough for the ship I went to get it and soul item has been removed from the market it cove.

The faqs state: The Carnival Assistants and Login Bonus will run until 25th August, so that players with left-over tickets can use them in the Mini-Games. The Postman, Paperboy, Shipwrecks and Event Chests will stop spawning from 12 noon on 24th August (CEST).

This is only the 23rd. Please fix this as soon as possible Thankyou.
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Old 23.08.2013, 11:43   #118
Join Date: 29.06.2008
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Default What do we do

Do we still continue with the games or will these be lost till the market cove is fixed. Answer urgently required please.
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Old 23.08.2013, 11:49   #119
Join Date: 22.03.2008
Posts: 27

After the above posts it appears we are getting our 10% reward. will we receive the 10% for the last 11 days. 1 day left of the event and now paying correctly is rather poor is it not.

major foul up soul exchange gone from market cove. Fix it please before we lose ability to exchange.
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Old 23.08.2013, 11:55   #120
Forum Master
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Ahoy Pirates

We were aware of the current problems in trying to purchase items in the event shop and not receiving them correctly. We are working on it now.

At this instance we have turned off the event shop until we have fixed the problems with it. This is to prevent players trying to buy items with their souls and not getting the items they purchased. As soon as it’s fixed we will turn it back on.

Your Seafight Team

It's getting fixed guys - there's no need to hyperventilate.
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