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Default City Hall

City Hall

City Hall is the heart of your city. Everything and everyone has to be connected by Roads & squares to work properly: Residential Houses, Commercial Buildings, Manufacturing Facilities, Power plants.

Starting out as a small Architect with a big dream your first City Hall is nothing but a small construction site. As the city grows your citizens will ask of you to upgrade this building to reflect the prosperity and evolution of your land.

Upgrading City Hall

When reaching a population milestone a blue arrow will appear over your city hall. Upgrading is available at this point

Clicking on the arrow more details about the upgrade will appear.

Each upgrade will require Coins and Materials.
*** Upgrading can be done instantly with MetroMoney

Once your new improved City Hall is ready a key will appear. Clicking it will open the building for business.

Level 2 - 40 Population
Level 3 - 150 Population
Level 4 - 450 Population
Level 5 - 950 Population
Level 6 - 1700 Population
Level 7 - 2800 Population
Level 8 - 5000 Population

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City Hall Gift

First stage of the City Hall (the construction site) does not reward any gifts. City Hall needs to be upgraded to level 1 to activate this feature.
It is similar to collecting rents on residential buildings.

When the reward is ready to be collected the gift icon will appear over your City Hall, and you can collect by clicking on it

City Hall gift can be collected once every 24 hours. Timer resets only after the gift has been collected. Timer cannot be halved using Xpresso
*** Timer runs continuously even if you are offline.

-- Always: -> Experience
-- Random: · City Credits · X-Presso · Metro Money · Vitamin-X · Master-Keys

TIP: Each upgrade for City Hall increases the chance of better rewards.

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