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Default Figureheads

I would like to know which figurehead is the most useful. Range is always good, but is the lock on range set in stone regardless of the range? or does it increase with that figurehead.

Faster reloading and less splash % basically do the same thing, more dmg per sec. Any1 know the reload time? I would assume that splash would help out more if your using gold cannons, but if your using diamond cannons it's already lower so it might not increase the damage as much as faster reload.

Any1 feel like doing the math to figure it out?
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this is all personal preference you should read what they do and make a judgement call to what u need
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I did some calculations for 84, 18lbers for a full diamond ship, using steel balls. I'm attempting to calculate kill times in a 1v1 battle of the large frigates.

Splash Figure head:
25*.6= 15 dmg average
*84 cannons = 1260 dmg * 10 shots = 12600 dmg + 2500 rocket dmg = 15100 dmg = a dead diamond ship ship at 14700 hp.

Time it takes: 3 secs reload * 10 shots = 30 secs.

Reload Figure Head:
25*.5= 12.5 dmg average
*84 cannons = 1050 dmg * 10 shots = 10500 dmg + 2500 rocket dmg = 13000 dmg

Time it takes: 2.7 secs (3*.9) * 10 shots = 27 secs
So you get 1 extra shot in that 30 secs, so add on another 1050 dmg. 13000 + 1050 = 14050 at 29.7 secs, still not a dead diamond ship, so you have to reload one more time, so 32.4 seconds kill time.

I did a 72 9lbers with steel balls calculation to and the splash figure head is way better.
12308.4 in 22 shots in 66 seconds.
compared to
10260 dmg in 25 shots, in 67.5 seconds

add rockets to both and and the splash figurehead kills within 66 seconds about. The reload figurehead is going to take 81 seconds.

Since 9lbers have so much splash, they get a larger improvement, than the 18lbers who don't have much splash to begin with. But the 18lbers still kill faster in a 1v1, with splash, unless you are running away repairing and fighting again and repairing again, the reload isn't going to be better on average for alot of hp.

Any1 want to check my math? I'm pretty sure the reload time is 3 secs, but correct me if i'm wrong. Splash is % hits missed I believe.
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Thanks for doing this Tundra. Turned my thinking on this around based on our talk in chat yesterday.
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