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Default Farmerama on Android

I recently got a new phone. It uses the Android operating system. I can go to the Farmerama website but when I try to log in to the game it will not go any further. It says that FlashPlayer is not compatible with the newest android OS. Does anyone know if there is still a way to play farmerama without using flashplayer? Or any other helpful ideas on how to get past this. I have tried googling this info but haven't been able to find ANYTHING out.

I posted this first in Tech Support and was basically told they had no idea and it was suggested that I come here. If anyone knows what can be done to still play the game on a Droid phone I would love to hear it.

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I downloaded a browser called puffin which allows you to play flash games. I'm playing on an ipod touch but it should also work on mobile devices. You can't do everything, eg look at items requiring you to scroll mainly due to screen size, but it does give access to all fields. Placing new fields, pens etc is also quite tricky and time consuming but once your farm is set up its straightforward.
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If you are using an Apple device you should be using the farmerama haverst app, not play though the browser. i don't have an apple device but i think they don't support Flash at all?

I have an Android phone and Adobe said they wont be supporting the Flash for mobiles. Whatever browser games i tried didn't work on it, not only FA unfortunately

Edit: Puffin seems to do the trick, thank you for suggesting it! It works wonderful on my phone!

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Hi guys! (*waves at Cap*)

I'm a computer-only user, but I did subscribe to a thread called farmerama for cell-phones/mobiles/iPods/iPads as I thought it was good stuff to know if I ever did get a cell phone...

The thread was started in April of 2010, suggesting developers make Farmerama available on phones, etc. I went ahead and read through it and quoted some farmer's responses that I thought might help... The first one is post 27 (page 3) by ctindaldavies (quoted below).

Originally Posted by ctindaldavies View Post
You CAN play on your android phone. You just need to download the free Adobe Flash Player v10.2 from the android market. Once installed you can play Farmerama
(posted April 2011)

The next two were further along, but contained info that seemed to pertain to what you were searching for...

Originally Posted by zoonose View Post
...But yes, any android tablet will play it if it can take flash, and not all of them can, depends on the processor unfortunately
(posted July 2011)

Originally Posted by zoonose View Post
The answer to ... search the app store search the android market place for 'flash', and the apple app store for 'harvest time' or farmerama.
(posted Jan. 2012)

You can click on the little green arrows next to the farmer's name to go directly to their quote, or click on the link in the first paragraph to go to the start of the thread.

Hope this helps! ~CJ

Edit~~ (H edited as I was typing this lol!) I'm glad Puffin works for the two of you... perhaps one of you wants to post about it in the other thread as well???
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Thanks for this info. I was looking at nooks at B&N yesterday. Still trying to decide which tablet to get. It's a lot of money for me so trying to do it right the first time. Price of new iPad too high. Still thinking Nexus7. nook and Nexus are both androids.
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*waves back at CJ*

@Horatio - The only reason I don't use the app is because you only get access to 2 fields, can't gift your neighbours and can't take part in any events. I was using the app for several months before I discovered the browser. Obviously the app does make setting up the 2 fields that you have access to easier. I'm glad the browser works - its a lot quicker than my laptop.
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