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Default Help for Some of the Graphics Problems

Someday Author

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Flash Player and 3rd Party Updates
Even though i have placed a quick fix issue for those players that couldn't get on their farms i have to say i'm not thrilled about having to accept third party flash content. This over time will compromise my computer when surfing other websites.

I am not sure if it's due to the log coming online but it would help if the techs could give us a list of the websites they use. I constantly clean out the sites on adobe flashplayer, if i have to leave this box checked though it will leave computer vulnerable to intrusions.

Please try to find a way around this issue as it is only intended to be a quick fix. It would help if when it has been looked into properly that the farmers are made aware what the appropriate settings should be for the game without compromising their computers for other sites.

I don't like third party content under any circumstances. Should be able to play a game without having to change settings every week. A step by step guide for the 8 tabs on Adobe flashplayer would be handy for people that don't know about these settings.

It would be great if they showed us a way to add them to the computer without having to accept every other website content as well, when surfing you just don't know what is being added against your will.

Why was this thread closed?
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I wholeheartedly agree with this post.

Thanks to casstaz09 I can now play again and access all fields of game.

I hope the dveleopers/technicians at Bigpoint put this suggestion at the top of thir list and look forwrd to receiving the information within the next few days.

Well, I can only live in hope.
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I think a visual walk-through of that information would be especially helpful for those of us who are computer "challenged". Some of our farmers on the game know enough to be able to farm, read posts, and *gasp* even post now and then (Yay!). But, let's face it, some computer details are fog-shrouded and seemingly written in another language...

Perhaps a computer-genius farmer would be willing to set something up to help out in the meanwhile? (And hey, maybe the mods might even be able to use that info a FAQ down the line... ?)

I for one, would be interested in knowing more...

@PETTALS ~ you can edit "change" your post and highlight what casstaz09 origionally said and click the

(quote) button to enclose her words in a quote box if you like. ; )
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I am not sure if this will help you but you can visit the adobe website and search for the global security settings panel. This panel allows you to change your flash settings. It will allow you to approve farmerama and also add safe and or blocked websites from storing 3rd party content on your pc.

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There is a link in the FAQ to the adobe website to clear your flash cache. If someone writes a good explanation of how to do these things, we'll be happy to amend the FAQ.

Please do not title a thread with something that doesn't tell people what it's about. I am changing the title, and moving this thread to an appropriate place.
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Blinzeln Lisa

Thank you very much Lisa!
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