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Default Chat

It won't save the world, but I think it would be great if there was an instant messaging feature on the farm.
Basically I was thinking about this: you can go online or offline, you can text your friends/neighbours so you can get to know each other better.

It doesn't really have anything to do with improving the game itself, it would be just a great chance to socialize with people on your friends list.
I know we can already send messages, but it's still not the same...

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Default +1 on chat

I agree. Walk through the use case of Barter and Trade. I want item XYZ and count the clicks and time required to communicate with each of your neighbors (one at a time), do they have XYZ? What do they want in return? Oh I don't have that, what about ABC? , etc. It would be staggering. Does anyone even bother?

Another painful use case is giving/receiving optimal gifts. Do you know what each of your neighbors wants? What if it changes? Can you keep track?

Have you struggled through the messaging with its character limitations to build any relationships? (You should get stars for this because its extremely difficult!)

ALL would me more simply served with a chat feature with multicast (ability to write to all your neighbors at once). Now walk through the above use scenarios and see how much faster it would be. Chat to all - "Hey neighbors, I need more page 5s. Can anyone help?".

If you want an experience that brings players back each day, there is no better way than building human contact and its implicit peer pressure.
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I love this idea. IGMs are so restrictive. This would make Farmerama more social too. As it stands now, many farmers tend to be isolated, barely talking to anyone. This suggestion would alleviate that.
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There is a thread in the archives under "Suggestions 2011", all about asking for an in-game live chat. I have just read it funnily enough. This thread stretched over 4 pages. Not once in that thread did any of the "big guys" answer. That imho was disgusting, the fact that these guys did not reply in any way shape or form!!

I believe that Farmerama is one of, if not the only game of BigPoint's that doesn't have a live chat feature.

As a former web master, I know for a fact that a chat system can easily be implimented into this type of game quite easily. Even a flash-based one. There were some concerns in that thread about the safety of our much younger players. This can also be sorted, by say, having a seperate chat room just for the young uns. Plus certain trustworthy players can be used to help moderate these and all other rooms/channels in said live chat feature.

So come on BigPoint, listen to your players and bring in a chat feature PLEEEAAASSEEEEEEE

Please be aware that the 'big guys' will not come onto the forum and answer at all. You won't see a direct response from them in any thread - that thread is not unique. Many of them don't even speak English. We mods report to BP personnel what has been posted, and they do take player input into account when game changes are made. Many of the current features in the game are the result of player suggestions.

These threads are strictly for player suggestions, and the suggestions do get passed on. You will not get direct responses on the forum. BTW, we mods also do not comment on player suggestions either. We are just the messengers. -LD-

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