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Default {FAQ} Moonlight Mania

Here is some info that you may find useful regarding the Moonlight Mania events:

- Items Available in Jack's Shop
- Bat Breeding
- Crow Breeding
- Spooky Production pens
- Spooky Artisan Village Recipes

* What is Moonlight Mania
This is a special event that was first introduced around Halloween 2010.
The event will reappear about once a month, usually around the time of the Full Moon, and will be announced in the Official Announcements.

It gives the possibility to grow some unique spooky crops, and exchange them in Jack's Shop for some unique spooky items!
*How can I activate Moonlight Mania whilst the Event is "on"?
Once the event is active you will have the the ability to change your Main Farm into night mode by clicking on the Event Timer on the left, with a pumpkin icon.
If you do not see the Event Timer pumpkin at the beginning of the Event, you may need to refresh your screen (F5-key) or log out, clear your browser cache, and log back in.

As soon as the Moonlight Mania icon is clicked, your farm will go into Night Mode, and will look like this:
The same icon will allow you to toggle back to Day Mode, to harvest your other non-spooky items on the Main Farm, and the other lands.

NOTE: Only the "empty" acres that you have on your Main Farm will be available for planting Spooky Crops when you switch to night mode.

On these acres in Night Mode, you'll be able to plant some special "Spooky Crops"
You can not purchase these crops as they are given automatically.
Plots available to seed in Day Mode (snowy screenshot from december 2012):

the same plots available in Night Mode:

* How will I get the Spooky seeds to plant?
Every new player will receive several units of each special crop (again, if you don't see these, please log out, clear your browser cache and log back in).

If you were playing during the previous Moonlight Mania Event, your crops will have returned to inventory, where you'll find them for the next event.
* What are the different types of Spooky Crops??

Killer Tomatoes

Monster Pumpkins


Venus flytraps


Googly eye bush


Abominable Plants

Toe jam


* Does Super Grow work on the special Crops?
Yes you will see the normal time reduction if you use Super Grow, reducing the remaining harvest time by 50%.
Water will reduce the remaining time by 20% as normal.
* Can I hire Suzy to spray my Moonlight Mania Spooky Crops?
Yes. Suzy's spraying will also work on Spooky Crops. How does Suzy spraying your fields work? Once you hire Suzy to spray a field (this will cost you 1 Suzy Super-Grow per field/tree), which is done by selecting the plot and clicking on the propeller symbol, you will receive additional crop yields (+2 crops per acre) as well as extra 50% EP.
* Can you buy or sell the special crops on the market?
No, these items are restricted as they are specialty crops and only available during this event.
* How can I harvest my last crops after the end of Moonlight Mania?
Just refresh your page (F5-key) to bring your crops into Daytime Mode. Then you can harvest them when they're ready.
* What happens if I hand in ALL my spooky crops to the Count Bracula Quest or to Jack's shop?
Spooky Crops are NOT for sale
If you drop down to zero spooky crops, you'll have to wait until the next Moonlight Mania event to get a few new plants.
- - - - - - - - -

Jack's Shop

* What is Jack's Shop?
Jack's Shop is a special place only accessible during Moonlight Mania and when you are in Night Mode.
This is where you can trade in Spooky Crops for special prizes only available there.
If you hover your mouse over each prize it will give you a description of what does and clicking on the item will show you the requirements for each prize (see below too).
You will also see a countdown clock which shows the time until the end of Moonlight Mania (this may require regular refreshing F5 to see the correct time)

you can use the green arrows to see more items
* What happens once I have all the required Spooky Crops, and I have 'bought' an item ?
Once each required item has a small green checkmark, and you have clicked on the large green checkmark to 'buy' that item, your prizes will show up in your inventory.
IF they are decorations, they will appear under the decoration tab.
You may have to browse through the pages to find the decoration that you are looking for.
Spooky animal pens will appear under the animal button of your menu.
* Can I use my 'prizes' during non Moonlight Mania times?
Yes all the prizes that you win can be used during normal game play.
They are not restricted to certain times or Night mode use only.
- - - - - - - - -

Special Gifts you can send
during Moonlight Mania Events

reward: 15 EP every 30 minutes (30x)

Candy Cranium
reward: 30 EP every hour (15x)

These gifts are limited charges, so once placed in the field, trying to return them to the Inventory will delete them forever. They can be used on the clouds in the Magical Row.

Happy Spooky Farming Everyone!

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Here are each of the Items available
in Jack's Shop:

Special Animal Stables.

Bat Roost:

(only available from level 10)

Required to buy this item:
750 BoneTrees, 1000 Tombstones, 1250 Ghosts

Spider pen

Requires to build:
1400 Abominable plant, 750 venusflytrap, 750 Bonetrees

Crow Roost

Requires to build:
1000 toe jam, 750 braincoli, 500 abominable plant, 250 googly eye bush

For the above Special Animals, see more info here: Special Animal Stables

- - - - - - - -


Requires:750 Vampire Tomatoes, 650 Monster Pumpkins, 300 BoneTrees

Awards 30 EP every 6 hours
- - - - -

Haunted Oak:

Requires: 550 Vampire Tomatoes, 550 Monster pumpkins, 550 BoneTrees

Awards 25 EP every 5 hours.
- - - - -

The Pig Witch:

Requires: 1200 Vampire Tomatoes, 550 Monster Pumpkins, 400 BoneTrees, 50 Tombstones

Awards 35 EP every 6 hours.
- - - - -

Large Sludge Pond:

Requires: 350 Monster Pumpkins, 400 BoneTrees, 400 Tombstones, 350 Ghosts

Awards 100 EP every 12 hours.
- - - - -

Small Sludge Pond:

Requires: 800 Vampire Tomatoes, 400 Monster Pumpkins, 400 BoneTrees, 100 Tombstones

Rewards 15 EP every 6 hours
- - - - -


Requires: 200 BoneTrees, 200 Tombstones, 200 Ghosts

Awards 60EP every 6 hours
- - - - -

Large Slime Volcano:

Requires: 200 Vampire Tomatoes, 200 BoneTrees, 500 Tombstones, 800 Ghosts

Awards 150 EP every 12 hours.
- - - - -

Eerie Elm:

Requires: 300 Vampire Tomatoes, 300 Monster Pumpkins, 300 Tombstones, 50 Ghosts

Awards 20 EP every 3 hours
- - - - -


Requires: 550 Monster Pumpkins, 550 BoneTrees, 550 Tombstones

Awards 10 EP every 30 Minutes

This item not available this MM

A sneak preview of the "Goo Blaster" effect:

- - - - -

Toxic Toadstool

1 square
Gives 15EP / 1 hour
• vampire tomatoes: 0
• monster pumpkins: 500
• Bonetrees: 500
• Tombstones: 300
• Ghosts: 0

The Well of Doom

1 square
Gives: 35EP / 5 hours
• vampire tomato: 300
• monster pumpkins: 400
• Bonetrees: 500
• Tombstones: 600
• ghosts: 0

Jack the Scarecrow

1 square
Fives: 60EP / 6 Hours
• vampire tomato: 1000
• monster Pumpkins: 1000
• Bonetrees: 1000
• Tombstones: 1000
• ghost 1000

Skull Candle

1 square
Gives: 25EP / 2hours
• vampire tomatoes: 500
• monster pumpkins: 500
• Bonetrees: 500
• Tombstones: 400
• Ghosts: 100

Spooky Spider

2 squares
Gives: 80EP / 12-hour
• vampire tomatoes: 0
• monster Pumpkins: 1500
• Bonetrees: 1000
• Tombstones: 250
• Ghosts: 100

Dracula bunny

1 square
Gives: 65EP / 9 hours
• vampire tomatoes: 250
• monster pumpkins: 500
• Bonetrees: 1000
• Tombstones: 1500
• Ghosts: 1750

- - - - - -

Coloured Bat Breeding

can now also be unlocked via Jack's Shop.

The spooky crops required are:

See also: {FAQ} Coloured Bat Breeding

Coloured crow Breeding

The spooky crops required are:

2000 Tombstone, 1500 Abominable plants, 2000 Braincauli, 2000 Googly eye bushes

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- - - Spooky Pens- - -
a.k.a. "Moonlight upgrades" in Jack's Shop

These are stand-alone production pens

* Which Spooky pens are available to be exchanged for spooky crops?
  • Farm animals which DO have a production pen (except for the rare production pens: Crow, Bat, Moose)
  • Spooky chicken egg farm
  • Spooky shearing shed (rabbit)
  • Spooky shearing shed
  • Spooky cow diary
  • Spooky goat diary
  • Spooky feather collecting station
  • Spooky rodeo ranch
  • Spooky koi pond
  • Spooky ostrich egg farm
* What are the requirements for getting a Spooky workshop?
Requirements for each Spooky Production Pen:
900 Vampire Tomatoes, 900 Monster Pumpkins, 900 Bonetrees, 900 Tombstones, 900 Ghosts
Once you've "bought" it, you'll find it in the "animal" tab, in the Inventory tab on the left of your farm.
* What is the advantage of a Spooky workshop?
The spooky workshops will work 10% faster than a normal production pen.
- - - - - -

The following stats are to inform you about ALL the spooky workshops.
It does NOT mean that these are or will be available in the future!

Spooky Production Pens
produce the same items as regular Production Pens,
these can be sold at the Market, or used to deliver FarmHouse Orders
(i.e. Spooky chicken egg farm produces 1 Egg,
Spooky shearing shed (rabbit) produces 1 Angora Wool, etc.)

Spooky chicken egg farm
reward: 140 EP
produces: 1 egg
Time required: 21h 35m
with water: 17h 16m
with power-feed: 10h 48
with power-feed and water: 8h 39

Spooky shearing shed (rabbit)
reward: 140 EP
produces: 1 angora wool
Time required: 21h 35m
with water: 17h 16m
with power-feed: 10h 48
with power-feed and water: 8h 39

Spooky goat dairy
reward: 140 EP
produces: 1 goat's milk
Time required: 21h 35m
with water: 17h 16m
with power-feed: 10h 48
with power-feed and water: 8h 39

Spooky feather collection station
reward: 210 EP
produces: 1 down-feathers
Time required: 32h 24m
with water: 25h 55m
with power-feed: 16h 12m
with power-feed and water: 15h 58

Spooky shearing shed (sheep)
reward: 210 EP
produces: 1 sheep's wool
Time required: 32h 24m
with water: 25h 55m
with power-feed: 16h 12m
with power-feed and water: 15h58

Spooky cow dairy
reward: 140 EP
produces: 1 milk
Time required: 21h 35m
with water: 17h 16m
with power-feed: 10h 48
with power-feed and water: 9h 39

Spooky rodeo ranch
reward: 210 EP
produces: 1 riding lesson
Time required: 32h 24m
with water: 25h 55m
with power-feed: 16h 12m
with power-feed and water: 12h 58m

Spooky koi pond
reward: 280 EP
produces: 1 koi fish
Time required: 43h 12m
with water: 34h 34m
with power-feed: 21h 36
with power-feed and water: 17h 17m

Spooky ostrich egg farm
reward: 210 EP
produces: 1 ostrich egg
Time required: 32h 24m
with water: 25h 55m
with power-feed: 16h 12m
with power-feed and water:12h 58

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Florist Recipes
2 special florist recipes are now available only at Jack's Shop.

Terrorplant Bouquet
(florist lvl 3)

Effect: 20 % faster grow on all Moonlight-plants; buff duration: 10 h

Spooky plants needed:

Crypt Vase
(florist lvl 2)

Effect: 20 % more EP on all Moonlight plants; buff duration: 10 h.

Spooky plants needed:

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