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Old 30.09.2010, 15:33   #1
Join Date: 14.07.2010
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Default upside down park

My park keeps flipping upside down. Is anyone else having this problem?
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Old 30.09.2010, 15:39   #2
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Join Date: 11.05.2010
Posts: 309

I had it do that too after I clicked on my Giant Beer Mug.
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Old 30.09.2010, 15:58   #3
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Default upside down

Me too! I think it has something to do with the stein.
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Old 30.09.2010, 16:01   #4
Join Date: 07.08.2010
Posts: 24

You're not alone! I thought it was a fluke when it happened to me, maybe a glitch, but it sounds like it isn't. Mine was my farm, not my park, but that's where my beer stein is. Interesting.
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Old 30.09.2010, 16:19   #5
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Default flipping

happened in my park. Also have beer stein in that location and had clicked on it.
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Old 30.09.2010, 16:32   #6
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Default Mysterious Beer Stein!!!!

Happened to me too, clicked on the beer stein and screen went upside down and pulsated in and out. LOL I thought it was April fool's day all over again!
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Old 30.09.2010, 16:40   #7
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Default hello

yes me too i thought i was seeing things , looked cool lol
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Old 30.09.2010, 16:42   #8
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I think is might be a deliberate animation, how would things look really if you'd drunk a welly full of beer?
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Old 30.09.2010, 17:21   #9
Join Date: 10.09.2010
Posts: 15

Originally Posted by amasimp1 View Post
I had it do that too after I clicked on my Giant Beer Mug.
yah i have same problem and i seems don't have any mug of beer and when it fliped upside down.... it bit weird maybe that is some weird update not a bug
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Old 30.09.2010, 17:28   #10
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yes it happened with mine too i think its the beer hee hee Happy Farmin Friends
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