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Old 20.07.2010, 03:00   #1
Someday Author
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Default Farm Wheel

Just a thought if it is not already on there>>>> BarnYard Bills should be on the Farm Wheel when you spin for prizes
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Old 20.07.2010, 03:25   #2
Someday Author
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Default Farm Wheel idea

I think that is a very good idea with the Barnyard Bucks...They are so hard to get and it would be a real pleasure to win some on the wheel.....Mods or whoever pass this note to the higher uppers and let them know of a good idea.....Thanks everyone! Happy Farming!!!
Please go and vote 4 my farm!!! Thxs!
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Old 20.07.2010, 14:47   #3
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Default Farm Wheel Prize Suggestion

I'm going to pitch something here...
how about on the farm wheel there is a prize slot for barnbucks? Seeing that the farm wheel is suppose to be for those items that we wont necessarily be able to get, the addition of barn bucks to the wheel would be great.

If some of the users are like me, the way how i first got barn bucks on my own was through completing the restaurant quest. What if a person does not have the means to purchase barn bucks via credit card or text message if the latter is even a means as well, what does one do after the restaurant quest has been completed?

Adding the prize of barn bucks to the farm wheel will enable users who wont necessarily be able to acquire barn bucks to do so. So WHY NOT?! I say add barn bucks to the farm wheel ToDAY!!

Thank you for your time hehe
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Old 21.07.2010, 19:39   #4
Someday Author
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Default Here here!!

I agree! Or, something REALLY nice would be to do what Character Arcade does (I access Farmerama thru character arcade). Just for logging in once a day we get 10 points; and it gets multiplied for each successive day we log in. (log in for the seventh day in a row, get 70 points) And we use these points to buy stuff for our not too far a stretch for Farmerama!

At the least, we could just get one BB for logging in; it doesn't have to increase or anything. 'Cause I'm with you -- I'm not like those others here who can afford to spend $50 a day on hundreds of wheel spins!

Anyway...just a thought...
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Old 23.07.2010, 00:01   #5
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Default farm wheel prizes

i think we should have prizes that are more worth our effort. i mean i wait 24 hours for a spin and get manure. sorry but i dont need that. my animals produce plenty of it for me. then i get super grow but only 2. if im gonna get it i would at least like to receive 10. and thats all i ever get. put some barnyard bills on there. put the harvester on there. something worth my time. i dont mean to complain but i spend a good part of my day on here and i would like to at least get something i can use.
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Old 23.07.2010, 18:45   #6
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Default Thanks!

Yeah i know rite, everythin else is listed on the farm wheel, the cc, xp points even the super grow and feed why not the bb, it could be the top prize even to maintain its value.
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Old 23.07.2010, 19:32   #7
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Me too I think its a great idea since its so hard to get BB already.Great idea,toy25!
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Old 24.07.2010, 00:19   #8
Someday Author
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Yeah that's a great idea! I expected that on the farm wheel when I first spun it. I mean, BB would be a bigger reward than Manure or water! I say that water and manure should be replaced with BB slots since a full tank of water is cheap and even on the wheel you don't get that. Also, manure is worthless, so what's the point of having it?
Good idea toy25!
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Old 24.07.2010, 00:40   #9
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I was thinking maybe like crops and stuff. No need, just thought. Unless, there's something better about . Pretty cool getting crops though,

Just had a light bulb on that.....

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Old 24.07.2010, 17:50   #10
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its worth your time because it is free. You aren't doing anything except pushing the spin button, so your saying your time is more valueable than than?

Sorry. If you think your time is more valuable don't use the wheel at all. How come people are arguing about a FREE thing? You can argue that a free thing is overpowered, but how can you argue that it is underpowered.
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