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Default The Farmerama Bible (including: Items per Level)

F.A.Q – Farmerama Bible
Click on one of the links below to find out more
information about that particular topic

- Your Farm
- Growing Crops
- Livestock
- Levels, Items per level
- The City
- Premium Features
- Orders
- Animals, Crops and Trees

NOTE: This section is regularly being updated.

Please also note that currently some features may have a different look/layout, we are in progress of updating.

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Default Your Farm

Your Farm

Once you've registered for Farmerama, you'll be brought right to your field. Make the most of this field and turn it into your own personal farm!

There's a farmhouse, barn, mill, water tower and manure pile on this field for you to use. Breathe in the fresh country air and start farming. There's lots of work to be done and no time to rest!

The farmhouse

After a day's work on the field, there's nothing better than sitting down to a good hot meal. Once your belly is full, sit back and relax in your rocking chair and reflect upon your success as a farmer. The higher your level, the more success you will have.

Customers place orders in the farm house, see {FAQ} Farmhouse Orders

see also below: Orders

The barn

Everything you produce on your farm is stored in your barn. As soon as you've harvested or mixed animal feed, you'll be able to see your goods in the barn. You can also see how many animals you have here. Every farmer only has one barn in Farmerama. Although this building can't be expanded, you can store as many items as you want here, because it'll never fill up.

Click on the barn and a window will open up showing your farm's plants, animals and animal feed.

The mill

Animals also get hungry. As soon as you've put a roof over their head, mix some feed in the mill for them to eat. Just remember, animals can be picky. For every animal, you'll have to mix a different kind of feed which can sometimes be made up of one or two types of plants. Your animals can't feed directly off your produce, their food must be mixed at the mill.

You can only mix feed for those animals you've built housing for on your farm. It will take a certain amount of time to make feed. You can only produce one kind of feed at a time. If you are already mixing feed and really need to make another kind of feed, you can cancel your current production whenever you want. You'll be able to keep what you've produced already.

Power-Feed can now also be mixed in the Mill.

Every farmer has only one mill on the main farm and one mill on Bahamarama Island.
see also: Bahamarama {FAQ }

The water tower

You have a water tower on your farm in order to provide your plants and animals with water. The water tower can only hold a certain amount of water. Once you've used up its supply of water, you can refill it with Country coins.
A refill costs 1 CC per unit on your farm (and 2 CC per unit on the Island).

The water tower can't be moved. If you need more water, you can also buy additional water tanks and put it wherever you want on your farm. Every time you use your Country coins to fill up your water tank/water tower, the total water volume will increase. If you fill up the water tower, the water tank will automatically be filled and vice versa.

The silo

Just next to the Water Tower is the Silo. This is where you can purchase Super-Grow and Power-Feed (You can also 'Make-your-own' Power-Feed at the Mill)
Using these will reduce your growing time by half.

- Power-Feed (for animals)
- Super-Grow (for crops)

Another sort of Fertilizer that can be used is Suzy's Super-Grow. You can hire her to spray your crops/trees for increased yield, and bonus EPs.
You'll notice a "propeller" on the right when you tend to your crops/trees.

See also the 'benefits' : {FAQ} Suzy Super-Grow / Super Fertiliser

The manure pile

Ain't no doubt about it, the manure pile is one stinky place. Every time you clean out your animals' stalls and pens manure will get added to this pile. Do your part to keep nature in balance! You can use manure to reduce the time to harvest by adding it to your fields.
* see also {FAQ} Manure for amounts produced by the various other stables/upgrades

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Growing Crops

Ready, set, grow! The sun is shining and the birds are chirping - there's never been a better time than now to till your fields. Your field is divided into a grid. On this grid, you can farm your land, plant trees or raise animals (see "Livestock" for more info about animals).


Click on the acre symbol in the navigation bar to move a small, medium or large-sized plot of land onto the field. The small acre has 1 square, the medium-sized acre has 2 squares and the large-sized acre has 4 squares. The larger the size, the more harvest you'll be able to reap. Drag 'n drop these acres around your field to move them. Acres are free; put as many of them on your field as you can.

Plot yields:

1x1 = 1 seed yields 2 plants
1x2 = 1 seed yields 3 plants
2x2 = 1 seed yields 5 plants

Once you drag these acres onto your field, you'll see a grid appear to help you place them properly.

1.) Select field size

2.) Drag to your farm


Planting crops is really quite simple - just click on your field and pick an item from the pop-up menu. New items will be activated with each level; meaning the higher your level, the better your selection.

Here is an example of the crop-inventory, showing all the plants that can be grown at level 83 on Farmerama (the quantities have been erased, this just shows the variety of plants available )

If you see a "0" in the plant menu, it means you're out of seeds. Take a trip to the city and buy new seeds from the seed shop (For more info, take a look in "City").

Planting seeds isn't the be-all and end-all of farming. There's plenty more work involved. You've got to water and fertilize your crops. Watering your crops helps to promote the growth of your plants. If you click on your cultivated fields, a menu will appear. Click on the water drop to irrigate or click on the manure pile to fertilize. This menu also shows how long it takes for your crops to mature. You can harvest your crops once they have stopped growing.

If the water drop or manure pile is crossed out, this means you have no water or fertilizer left. Refill your water tank/water tower or clean out some animal stalls.

Harvesting crops

As soon as your crops are ready to harvest, you'll see a "Done" sign in the menu. Click on this symbol to harvest and have your crops sent to the barn. The barn will sway once your crops have been delivered.

What can you do with your harvest?
  • Fulfill customer orders and deliver your crops to them.
  • Turn your harvest into animal feed in the mill.
  • Use your harvested goods to plant new crops.
  • Sell your crops in the city at the Farmers' Market (More info in "City").


Weeds will eventually start to grow on fields, after 24 hours from harvest, which you already cultivated but didn't harvest. If you want to plant new crops on these fields, you'll have to remove the weeds first. This will cost you time to do so: just click on the field to start a one-minute countdown timer.

Comfort fields

If you are over level 60, and you can't play each day, comfort fields may be a solution for you.
Weeds only appear 48 hours after the crops are ready!

The swift meadows (comfort fields) can be found in your acre-tab on the left.
You plant 3 seeds on each, and they will give a triple harvest (15 seeds on a 2x2 plot) and you will get double EP.
The growing time, instead of being 3x is actually 4x the normal growing time.
Water, Manure and Super-Grow will have the same effects on the time.
Suzy's Super-Grow however has an enhanced effect +4 crops (instead of +2)


Orchards are a great source of income for little work. All they need is one free square on your farm to grow and they'll bear you lots of fruit!


Click on the tree symbol in the navigation bar to plant a tree. You'll find all kinds of different trees here to plant. Not all trees can be planted right away; you'll have to wait for some to be unlocked. Once they're unlocked you'll see a "0" beside the tree. Visit the nursery in the city to buy a tree which has been unlocked. When you return from the city, you'll see a number beside the tree which reflects the number of trees you bought.

Drag 'n drop your bought trees onto the field and plant them wherever you want. You can also move trees around and give your farm its own personal touch.

Harvesting trees/fruits

Growing trees is as easy as it comes. They basically bear fruit on their own. All you have to do is click the tree to send the ripe fruit to the barn.
Posting your UserID helps us help you

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Breeding Livestock

Cultivating fields might just be fine and dandy, but real farmers know that animals are where it's at. Ain't nothing better than rising with the sun when the rooster crows to go feed your hens, shear your sheep and milk your cows.

Farmerama has a ton of different animals for you to choose from and raise. Once you've built some housing for them, there's no telling what they might do.
See {FAQ} Farmerama Animals for all types of animals, their growing times.

Animal housing
You need to build animal housing before you can start raising animals. Click on the "Animal" tab in the Inventory (box symbol) in the left-navigation menu in the game to see which animals you have, or on the Shop inventory (shopping basket symbol) then the animal tab to see which animals you can buy.

You'll need to build animal housing for each type of animal. So head to the city to visit the carpenter. He's got all your animal housing needs covered.

Once you've bought the right building for your animals and returned from your city trip, click on the "Animal" symbol in the navigation menu. Drag 'n drop the building you bought for your animals onto your field. Every building takes up 4 squares on the grid. You can move animal pens and stalls around on your farm whenever you want.

If you want, you can also buy multiple buildings for the same type of animal. The more buildings you have for animals, the more animals you can have on your farm.

Animal feed
Hungry, thirsty or dirty animals aren't very productive. They'll just stand around doing nothing and won't produce any offspring if you don't take good care of them. That's why it's important for you to you mix feed for them in the mill. Only then can you really start breeding and raising animals.

Feed is composed of several different kinds of plants depending on its complexity.
See {FAQ} Farmerama Animals to see which crops/fruits you will need to feed each type of animal.

To feed your animals, just click on their feeding trough. If you want, you can also give your animals water by clicking on the water drop that opens when you click on the animal building. Filling your animals' water troughs will accelerate their growth by 20%. If your water troughs and feeding troughs are full, this means you've done your job.

Once your animals are fully grown, they'll be transferred to the barn. If you click on the barn, you can see how many of each animal you have, and also sell them to customers.

Raising animals is a dirty job. They sure can make a big mess. After you've finished raising an animal, you're going to have to clean out their stalls/pens. Once all the manure has been scooped up, you can breed more offspring. Shoveling manure will pay off in the end for you as you can use it to fertilize your fields later on. Your initial manure pile holds 100 units of manure; you can use this and add to it, however, once the manure pile reaches its limit, any extra will be lost.
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You're no stranger to the city. You've been there a few times already ordering seeds, buying trees at the nursery or picking up animal housing from the carpenter. That's why you know that there's much more to discover there!

Life in the country is quiet and humble. But making a living with honest hard work, harvesting crops and raising animals can be tough. Fulfilling customers' orders and delivering their fresh carrots and apples on time isn't easy either. Sometimes you don't always have everything you need, which is why you need to head to the city every once in a while. Click on the farm map "City" to start your big city adventure.

Here's a list of things to see and do in the city!

Farmers' Market (access from Level 3)

Bartering and trading is the name of the game at the Farmers' Market. Supply and demand influence the prices here!

Set right in the middle of the City as with all good markets. The Farmers' Market is open 7 days a week for you to trade with other players. It's also a great place to shoot the breeze. There are all kinds of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables here, whether they be regional or exotic.

With a cluck, cluck here and a cluck, cluck there, the Farmers' Market hustles and bustles with the sounds of barnyard animals. There are rabbits, geese, chickens, cows and even fish here. If you get lucky, you might even find a kangaroo or two. Take your time and chat with the traders, sometimes they throw in recipes for free.

Make sure to keep your cool at the Farmers' Market. You don't want to lose all your hard-earned money. Consider carefully what you need.

Find out how the other farmers do business at the market first. What are their prices and conditions? As soon as you've got it all figured out, open your own stand and sell your goods at the market. It's a great way to make some extra cash.

Farmers' Society (from level 4+)

As you enter the City the Farmers' Society is in the middle of the Town Square next to the Bank, it has the town clock on the roof. The Farmers' Society is an agricultural organization which acts on behalf of rural areas to deal with their concerns and help promote community cohesion. Since it heavily relies on the support of its agricultural community, the Farmers' Society sometimes issues special contracts for you to complete. (see: {FAQ} Farmer's Society Quests)

If you take on one of these special contracts, then you're doing it out of the goodness of your heart in order to help out your community. It might mean producing a lot of vegetables for a special event or giving the Farmers' Society a large amount of goods, but if you complete this task, you won't only get paid for your efforts, you'll also earn a lot of respect. After all, word spreads fast out in the country!

The Event Place

Situated just in front of the Farmer's Society building, is the Event Place.
Every now and then special events take place, and when you see something on the Event Place, it will take you straight to the Event pop-up when you click on it.

Celebrations and Carnivals are some of the many events held here. These last between 1-10 days (or even longer); there are also mini-events with sales of mystery trees and pens during which you might get an amazing new tree or animal pen (which are not available in the carpenters or nursery); the flying blimp over the event place will bring regular sales of supergrow and superfeed, craft products and more - all at fantastic discounts.

All these will be announced on the forums in the Official Announcements, so be sure to keep an eye out to stay updated on new Events!

Updated: The Seed Shop, Nursery, Carpenter and Supply Store are all under one roof "The Shopping Center"- between the Workshop and the Statue (with a shopping basket on the roof).

Seed shop

If it's seeds you need, they got 'em! They sell many different kinds of fruit and vegetable seeds, but you'll only be able to buy those seeds that have been unlocked for your level.

The seed shop isn't the only place you can get your seeds. It's a good idea to swing by the Farmers' Market and compare prices. You can also purchase seeds here which fellow farmers have put up for sale.


A real farmer knows to take care of his trees. Especially since they bear lots of fruit for little work. Tree cuttings can be bought at the nursery, but only after they have been unlocked for your level. New trees will be unlocked as you advance through levels.


The carpenter is your main man when it comes to animal housing. If you need it, he'll build it.

You can buy more than one animal housing unit from the carpenter at once. That's why you'll be asked how many units you'd like to buy when purchasing animal housing. Just make sure you have enough money to pay for all of them.

Many levels have new crops, trees or animals which are unlocked when you level-up {FAQ}Items per Level

Supply Store

Fancy sprucing up your farm, adding that creative touch to your park? Then all you need is in the Supply Store. From hedges, to tree upgrades and barnyard cats to volcanoes your farm will be the envy of all your neighbours.
WorkShop (access from Level 8)

The Workshop is between the Shopping Centre and Market. When your animals are settled in and ready to go to work, the Workshop is where you will find the Production Pens. Once you have gathered the required tools from harvesting, the Farmwheel or from your Neighbours, click on the 'build' button - you will find the completed production pen under the animal tab on your farm. If you do not have quite enough tools and cannot wait, you can also buy toolboxes in the Workshop for a few Barnyard Bills.

Please see {FAQ} Production Pens to see all that can actually be built in the Workshop

Update: The Post Office, Gifts, Tourist Offices and Sticker album are all under one roof -

Post office

Farmerama isn't just about trying to become the best farmer ever, but about being part of a larger community. Instead of playing against each other, farmers work together to support each other here, just like in a real country community!

This is where the post office comes into play. Players use the post office and its message system to stay in contact with each other. They can write messages, check their message inbox and outbox and take a look at their buddy list here.

You can also, from the post-office, hire Suzy to send an Air Mail to your neighbours and buddies.

You'll receive 1x Suzy Air Mail for each level up, and they can be won on the FarmWheel, or bought for 1 BB in the Supply Store.


It's the little things that count in a friendship. That's why farmers are always willing to help when they hear another farmer is in need. Community comes first out here; so lend a hand by sending a gift! You can send 5 free gifts a day to buddies and/or neighbors. After that, you may send more gifts by spending BB on them. The new gift quota resets at midnight Central Europe Time.

Whether it be for a birthday, anniversary or wedding, you'll find just what you're looking for in the gift menu. Gifts will help to boost your popularity in the community. (see: {FAQ} Gifts)

Tourist Office

The tourist office is your bet for city information; you will find it in the Post Office, blue domed building with envelope on the roof.

You can put your farm on display for visitors to enjoy and send friend invites, e-cards or gifts here.
When you take a picture of your farm, there is a two hour waiting period before you can take another one and change the one you have.
Putting farm on display

Whether they drop by for a chat or just want to admire your garden, visitors are always welcome on your farm. If you want visitors to be able to see your farm, just create a screenshot of your farm and post it in the tourist office for others to rate.

Use your creativity and show everyone that you know a thing or two about farming and gardening. Do what you want: Plant a rose garden or let it grow wild. Each farm has its own appeal. Just make sure to accentuate its best features!

You can take a photo of your farm to show it off to your neighbours and buddies.

On the bottom left you see a camera which will allow you to take a screen print of the last land you visited before coming to the City, via the Farm Map.

The photo will take a few minutes to be taken (wait for the spinning flower to stop spinning). Then you'll be able to use the link on the right to show your picture, or you can even make a voting link to get other players to score your farm.

Player recruitment

The main goals in Farmerama are to have a good time and meet new people, but playing with your existing friends can also be fun. That's why you should invite your friends to join in the fun and play Farmerama with you. Then you'll see just how much fun farming can be!

Your efforts will not go unnoticed. When your friends accept your invite and register, you will receive a fir tree as a gift to decorate your farm.


What do you say? Feel like sending your friends an e-card of your beautiful farm? They'd probably love to hear from you again.

An e-card is a great way of showing off your gardening/farming skills and getting your friends to vote for your farm.
The Sticker Album

In this sticker-album you'll find souveneer stickers of your achievements throughout the game. Some Events give as a prize a Sticker that you'll be able to admire in your Sticker Album.

The Bank is in front of the Lookout Tower and next to the Farmers' Society. Running low on money? Then visit the bank and give your account a boost. It's located between the carpenter's shop and the post office.

Everybody knows your name at the bank - good farmers know how to handle their money. There are two types of currency in Farmerama: Country coins and Barnyard bills.

Every Country coin you earn with farming and selling produce will take you a step further in the game. But to really make it big, Barnyard bills are what you need. Nothing ventured, nothing gained - that's something every farmer understands!

Sometimes you've got to put it all on the line to profit. If you want to invest in new animal housing, trees and seeds for your farm, then purchase Barnyard bills in the bank with real money.

If you are buying Barnyard Bills (BB) from the bank for the first time, you can use a promotion code to get a 10% bonus in BB. By using the promo code, the player who posted the code will also get some bonus BB. When you've finished your transaction, be sure to post the promotion code you get in the thread so another first time BB buyer can benefit. Promotion codes can be found and posted here.

Afterwards you can exchange Barnyard bills for Country coins to keep your in-game account in the black.

If you really want to turn your farm into the best homestead ever, then take advantage of Premium advantages and sign up for a Premium membership. Take a look in "Premium advantages" to find out more.


Roll up, roll up! Are you feeling lucky today? Then step this way.

The farmwheel gives one free spin per day that you log in and has prizes including water, country coins, harvesting bonuses. If you are feeling very lucky, you can purchase extra spins for just a few Barnyard Bills.

Wheel prizes can be viewed here: {FAQ} Wheel Winnings

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Premium advantages

Get your hands on the Premium Pack - it'll give you some game leverage!

The premium packages do not extend automatically. Every player can renew his/her premium package in advance. You can choose from:
  • Silver pack (1 month)
  • Gold pack (6 months)
  • Diamond pack (12 months)
With the Premium Pack, you'll also gain access to the lookout tower!

Lookout tower

The Lookout Tower is in the top-right corner of the City.
Premium players can use the lookout tower's automatic settings to protect their farm and crops. The lookout tower takes care of the following:
  • It automatically removes weeds from your fields at no extra cost
  • It automatically harvests your trees for you.

Silver premium- valid for 1 month:
• Double the manure pile capacity
• You get 6 extra spaces for neighbors
• You'll receive double the amount of orders per day in the farmhouse
• One extra spin in the farmwheel per day
• No more weeds on your fields.

Gold premium – valid for 6 months
• All features from the silver package are included
• Automatic tree harvesting
• A free perfume will automatically be unlocked with each animal that is bred
• Infinite water supply
• Immidiate access to the park
• 20 instead of 10 orders waiting in the farmhouse.
• A 5% increase in the chances for drops
• Place 20 offers (instead of 10) in the market.

Diamond premium – valid for 12 months
• All features that are in the gold package are included.
• Every month you will receive 25 supergrow and 10 power feed for free.

You should be able to check your end-date for your Premium status by going to the bank and clicking on the bottom "Status and Cancellation", this will open up a page, where you'll see your subscription and the end-date.

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Default New Level System

Here is a list of items that can be unlocked at the following Levels on the Tropical Island of Bahamarama.

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