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There was a man last Christmas at my local store, holding a sign that said "will do any work for $50 for kids' Christmas presents". I handed him $100 and told him his "work" was simply to get his kids presents and a nice Christmas meal. There were tears in his eyes as he thanked me. My friends all told me I was stupid and it was probably a scam he was using, standing there all day getting dumb people like me to give him money. Perhaps they were right, but I never did see him there again.

At the same store, there was an elderly gentleman struggling to push his empty cart back to the store front. Each step only an inch and clearly in pain. I was disgusted by the number of people that simply passed him by. He was so relieved when I offered to take his cart back to the store for him.

Now, this one is just the right thing to do but kind of amusing in a sense. A bank teller once gave me $200 too much at the window. I counted that stack over and over and over to be certain it was too much before going into the bank to return the money to her. She actually gave me kind of a hard time about it lol I had to argue with her and re-count it about 5 times to prove she did indeed give me too much money before she would take it back.

Since I rather hate tooting my own horn so to speak, I'd like to give some credit to a few anonymous folks who have done some things I am grateful for.

During a particularly bad time for me, I left my purse at the grocery store. I had over $500 in cash just sitting in it, all I had to my name at the time. When I realized what I had done and returned to the store, certain I was now broke, some kind soul had turned in my purse to the office, not touching a single dime of that money.

During the same period, on my way to the gas station, my car ran out of gas. A very nice man stopped, went and got gas for me, and would not take any payment for the gas, his mileage nor his time. It touched me.

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Blinzeln Comppetition Entries ( Goldren Rule)

I like to do good deeds everyday and help some one out like buying a meal for a homeless person or helping some one on crutches load their groceries into their car when its raining, by jumping someone car off when it won't start and I think if everyone would do a good deed this world would be a much better place to live and work in by giving of myself to help them out of a rough spot when I can by giving a person with no place to go when it's cold and wet out a place to stay for one night. By helping someone who is handicapped a helping hand in the store when they can't reach something they need or want and helping them to load their car or giving a ride to someone whose car broke down or letting them use my cell phone to get help if they can. by giving a child a Christmas tree with all the trimming and gifts they would not of had if I did not help this mother who came out of a bad situation and help them have a wonderful Christmas that year and the child face lit up like fireworks in the sky and this gave my heart great joy you can call me old fashioned if you want to but we all need to do unto others as we would have them do unto us and they all thank me and say that I made their day a lot better for them and I didn't even ask for that, I did it out of my heart

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I am not sure if this counts but I will post it anyway.

One time I was standing in a church, a women who was behind me was holding a baby.
The baby had a bottle and he drop it. So I heard it drop and saw the women really wasn't able to pick it up so I crouch down, found the bottle and hand it to her. She smiled and say
Thank you.

Now this thing just makes me disappointed, I was in the store taking my Grandmother shopping as I do most of the time to help her. There was a old lady who had a back problem and could not reach a item on a top of the rack. She was looking for worker who works at the store to help. But all workers were to busy faking like they working hard. So they were not helping he lady. So I went over and got the item down for her. Later after I did that about 5 minutes a worker came. But I did the job already ( And yes, its true, they were faking working hard. 70% of the time they just talk while working a little.)

This just happen to me about 30 days ago.
I went into a gas station with my Dad to get a drink. We got our drinks, paid for them, now heading out side. There was a old lady who was coming into the gas station. I held the door for her. She turned to me and said * Your mother have raised you right*

I hold the door for anyone. It's just what I do, some people will hold it for me and some won't.

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Default hi

i am a bus driver i was driving children to school one day the gates were locked so i had to drop them off outside the school insted of driving into bus bay any way the children started geting off the bus and a woman was knocking my window so i opened the window the woman sais can u move u r bus as im a nurse and need to get out so i stoped the children getting off closed the door and moved forward so the woman could get out then carried on and thought no more about it after a fwe hours i returnd to the depot the boss said to me when u did the school run this morning did u move 4 a woman to get out of her drive i said yes y he said she had phoned up to thank you coz u moved the bus (a lot of bus drivers would.nt have moved) she got to a man in time and saved his life so in summing up it pays to b nice

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ps heres another good deed if i win giving the t shirt to my wife

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Default Second Entry

Another volunteer job:
When I was young my primary school used to earn a little extra cash by distributing phone books around the town area. A couple of us students used to volunteer to help with the distributing. The town is only small but with only a couple students and their parents, it is still a big job.
I volunteered one year to help with the distributing of the books. The group of us separated into different areas of the town till the whole town was covered.
It only took 2 days to complete the area we were given and I got to meet a lot more people who lived around the town area.

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I'm an American living in the Philippines. The public schools here are free to children, however they do need certain school supplies to attend which many cannot afford. My Motorcycle group called the "Peace Riders" purchase and donate school supplies to children who other wise could not afford them and wouldn't be able attend school. So we provide them the opportunity to attend school and gain a valuable education through these donations.

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The competition is now closed.

As mentioned, the internal Jury will pick winners and send off the results to Farmerama Headquaters.

Thank you for your participation.

REgards, the Mod Squad
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