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Default Section Rules / Guidelines

You have a new idea:
Please check the sections to see if your idea has been posted before.
(we will close if it is an old / repeat idea)

Posting Threads:
- Try making your thread as clear as possible.
- Where it will be, cost, how long it lasts, Pros + Cons etc.
- Make the title of your thread about what your idea is, this may get people interested in it.
- Polls in this section are NOT allowed and will be deleted without question. (receive an infraction)
- Threads with lots of spam or if posters start to get our of hand, rude, etc will be closed.

You want to answer to an idea:
- Please post a constructive answer
- Posts which just say: "I hate this, don't do it" - "it sucks", etc, will be considered as spam and deleted.
- If you want to suggest a change to the OPs idea, then do so in a nice manner.
- Repeated same answers will be considered as spam and deleted.
- Off topic discussions are not allowed and will be considered as spam and deleted.
- full quoting of posts are not allowed
(it's really bad if you have to pass the same endless post 3-4-5 times)

Any changes of this rules will be updated here, so please do check these often.

Thank you for understanding and your help/ideas in advance.

Happy Farming!

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