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Pfeil {FAQ} Items Per Level : Farm and Bahamarama

Farm Items per Level

Here is a list of items that can be unlocked at the following Levels of the Farm.

Additionally, you'll also receive:

Up to level 100:
  • 1 BB
  • 1 Star for the Wisdom Tree (from Level 14+)
  • 1 Air-Mail and (from Level 14+)
  • one-third of your level in Suzy Super-Dung (from Level 14+)

From level 101:
  • 1 BB
  • 2 Stars
  • 1 Airmail
  • 35 Suzy's Super Grow

- - - - -

Bahamarama Levels

Items are no longer (since July 2013) unlocked per level,
but by unlocking statues in the Ancient Monkey Temple
see: {FAQ} New Bahamarama
Here are the charts that show you how much EP is needed for each level:
Note: the table shows the total EP, to find EP per level subtract the total for the previous level. e.g Level 100: 6,777,000-6,444,000=333,000EP

see the "old" bahamarama charts with 'items per level' -> here <-

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Default Crop Categories

Since some Crafted products from the Artisan Village are now having effect on certain categories of crops only, these have now been split up into 4 sections.

In the future there may also be other Crafted Products, or even quests that ask for just one or another of these "categories".

These are as follows:
  1. Grains
  2. Vegetables
  3. Flowers
  4. others
On this chart you can see which "crop" is in which Category.

** You may need to right-click on the chart and choose refresh **
** Or have to clear your browser cache to make the updates visible **

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