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Default Official Roadmap Drakensang Online 2013

Dear Community,

The following information allows you to get an overview of all the major
features that will enter the world of Drakensang Online in the upcoming months
and by the end of this year. Many of you have asked about concrete dates and features
and therefore we felt it is time to share this information with you.

Keep an eye on this post as more information to certain features
will be added but also be aware that information can change.

Your impressions and opinions are of great value to us,
please share your thought here HERE

Your Drakensang Online Team

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Implemented 11. 06. 2013
The old Dialog GUI has been a constant source of confusion for players. Dialog GUI 2.0 will provide the first step toward a reworking of the overall story presentation. Size and style of the GUI will be adjusted to support the story of every quest and interaction between player and NPCs.
  • Slimmer: The GUI has been trimmed down to require less space of your screen
  • Smarter: As soon as you move your character away from the NPC you are interacting with, the GUI automatically fades out
  • Strategic: The new layout of the GUI makes conversation less confusing and more coherent

Implemented 27.06.2013
The trade in precious stones — fitting them into sockets, removing them, combining them — is too complicated right now. How to make process of playing with jewels much more enjoyable? Say hello to a new user interface, an alternative clicking method to equip gems and the option to socket gems individually!

Implemented 19. 06. 2013
The Helios Games are presenting a new arena battle that will be available exclusively while the event is running. The arena features a brand new combat mode “Last Man Standing” and powerful item sets of which all character levels can benefit during the battle.


Implemented 11.07.2013
For a fantasy MMORPG, the booty found in our treasure chests has been a bit on the paltry side. We want more exciting chests, with more and better surprises inside! Get a sneak peek at the inside of the chests, worry less about different key types and be surprised where you will encounter the chests from now on.

Implemented 23.07.2013
Upgrading items is currently of secondary importance and doesn't always provide good value for the money. The reworking of this feature should make the process more fun and provide you with the opportunity to work toward upgrades in a more targeted way. This means that you'll finally be able to keep improving your favorite blade efficiently as your hero advances!

Implemented 22.07.2013
Starting in July there will be an event held regularly on the full moon — a werewolf hunt. Our strongest but also our newest heroes should stay vigilant for a new face that will appear in the realms of Duria.


Implemented 07.08.2013
The eagerly awaited content expansion will come with Myrdosch: a new land with new monsters, new quests, new items and a new Boss foe, as well as an entire range of gaming surprises await you! Be aware heroes, as crossing this realm can only be mastered by players with the highest skills and experience. The capital of Myrdosch is called Andrakasch.

Implemented 07.08.2013
In conjunction with the Myrdosch content expansion we'll finally be raising the level cap from 40 to 45 along with new skills, new talents and many more features suitable for higher levels.


Ten thousand gamers can't be wrong: you've made it more than clear that Mac users want to play Drakensang too! Out first alpha version will finally open up in summer.

Postponed to October
The Mac Version is going to its final phase,
once the testing is completed Mac Users will be able to enter Dracania as well!

Update: Had to be postponed but BETA will be released soon. Currently in internal testing, it runs already!

Together with the content expansion, the parallel world dungeons will also be reworked. Once that's complete we can work on expanding the Ammon series of quests.

UPDATE: Will be receiving a makeover with the following aims:
  • Player ought to be able to complete the new set of Ammon (items with new bonus to be rewards of the quests) (quests repeatable)
  • Player ought to be able to complete the old set of Ammon (items of the complete set, with old set bonus, will drop from monsters)
  • Boss Mortis to be made less difficult to defeat
  • The quest deadly blow/kill mortis to be made repeatable
  • New Parallel Worlds will be worked on after the initial batch of changes and fixes will be done

Implemented 19.11.2013
The fourth archetype was announced well over a year ago. We unfortunately were forced to delay the release again and again. One reason was that each new skill increases the complexity of producing a new archetype. But a great deal of the work is now complete, and we'll soon have screenshots, artwork and videos to display here.

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4th quarter updated
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