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Old 07.04.2013, 13:44   #1
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Default Mages totally OP in arena

I will tell u a story about balance of classses espacially in 6 vs 6.
One day 5 young mage wondering arround Kingshill and didnt know what to do, they were so borring.Than 1 mage said "guys lets go in 6 vs 6 i heard we can win easy honour".
"How" asked other mage.
"Like this,If we get attack team we just use our mounts to reach protective towers,cast meteors,thunders to fast destroy them and plus we can explode if we die,very simple".
"Wow thats great idea,we can make fast arena runs and nobody can stop us".
"But guys what happens if we get defence team?" asked third young mage.
"Also i have solution for that problem.If they destroy our drawbridge, we can simply stand near our first tower,spamm chain of lightning which is free no mana cost and kill suckers.We have lv 35 skill in fame to fast reverse stuns so we can run back if we get stuns and cast again tones of chain of lightnings.Chain gives stuns and hits multiple target if they stand close to each other."
"Nice mate you are really smart."said thrid mage.
"I am not, but BP gaves us that oportunity why not to use it while we can.But i forgot to write that we have singularities we can cast on ground too and if they manage to survive all that and kill us we explode with 12 meter radius with 1200% damage".
"Hahahaha" laughed fourth mage.
"Yes it works mate i get very fast honours, its all like you said" happy was fifth mage.

kinda sarcastic but reallity if u sign up in 5 vs 5 or 6 vs 6 with this "pvp balance".I expect your coments about my story and opinion about what needs to be done to fix this arena.
Gangstaameda DK lv 40
Heredur server, Imortal Team guild

Where others die, I survive
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Old 07.04.2013, 13:50   #2
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I think I played with you yesterday on the attacker team when there was a flag bearer and 2 marshals on defender who did that. We ended up winning because we had 1 marshal mage who would manage to ride through and destroy the objective, but everyone else on our team got massacred.

Contrast this though to when we were on opposing teams and your DK would easily beat my mage most of the time regardless of the spells I would throw at you.

So I do believe that the problem isn't really mages, but level 40 top end gear with lvl30+ fame tree which is causing those discrepancies.

I've seen DKs run objectives and be completely unstoppable too, and rangers with such attack speed and damage on hunting arrows that chain lightning seems like pinpricks.

Really though, if you took away the last fame tree talent and only allowed 6v6 up until level 39, things like that wouldn't happen. Its really just level 40 and last fame tree talent which really turn the balance upside down when your opponent does not have the same
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Old 07.04.2013, 13:55   #3
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Oh how cute. You could have seen the top pvp player in Tegan.
Hell and nightmare arent enough. Its far much worse...

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Old 07.04.2013, 15:07   #4
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True is if you have strong char u can beat easily others who are not.For 6 vs 6 u need strategy in head, but that cannt be done sometimes if u have guys that can cast or shoot 300 km/h.On other hand, we DKs can only hit on close range which means even if you are strong that cannt help much.But i beated you and others coz i increased resistanse a lot.Not to mention holes and holes in row with singus.By my opinion fame tree sux with all classes, need to be changed with some new system.Also for strong char u need mounths of farming which i did first, also experience from ex games i played.If u check npc buffs from watery u can see there are buffs for increasing armor but there are no buffs for resistanse so this is also advantage of mages.Lv 40 fame bomb skill is strongest of mages with damage and radius.And so on.
Gangstaameda DK lv 40
Heredur server, Imortal Team guild

Where others die, I survive
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Old 08.04.2013, 05:32   #5
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Actually, not only does armor at least partially affect almost all mae attacks, but resistance gems give greater bonus than armor gems, which in my opinion cancels out the buff issue. And then DKs have supernatural regeneration, which even nerfed is easily the equal of the explosion. There are DKs who are simply invincible because of it. Oddly enough, I have never seen the ranger skill. I really can't figure out why. As always, I think DKs need a little boost up until 40 fame, but you will have a hard time convincing me I am OP when I get casually one hit killed by lower ranks.
Broman 40 Spellweaver Agathon
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Old 08.04.2013, 05:47   #6
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this endless whining about who is op class and who is not will never end until kingdom come. peace children . if u think a toon is op then farm or buy a better armour or weapon or gem then u will be op then other will whine about you and the cycle continue
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Old 08.04.2013, 08:02   #7
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I think this is the "ignore the fortress"-tactic ( It has stopped me from ever doing 6v6. I stick to 3v3.
Fadlan (ranger, level 40) on Heredur server using thin client always fullscreen
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Old 11.04.2013, 00:52   #8
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there was only ONE time someone didnt die when i do the sw explosion thing when i die and he was a dk but he only had like 50 health left
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