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Old 29.01.2013, 14:31   #1
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Frage Group etiquette ?

If you join a group to undertake a quest for a single McGuffin e.g. the Evil Eye.
If there is only one item, does the group leader get first pick or is it the first player to grab it?
Do all surviving group members get a copy of the item ?
Do all group members complete the quest or just the player who grabs the item ?

If group members gather treasure during a quest, is the treasure shared out at the end or does each player take what they've gathered.

If I'm playing solo I tend to hoover up everything I find.
If I'm in a group, I feel I ought to at least give other players the opportunity to pick up treasure.

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Good questions. The only time I see Group greed is during Events. Then you see all manner of odd behavior such as rushing ahead of the group to grab an Event drop whilst pulling in multiple mob groups to everyone's destruction. The Quest you refer to is something I don't recall. But I can tell you that Group etiquette is a big problem and is generally a reason I like to Group only with known players and Guild mates. Random Groups are generally a nightmare and more dangerous than the mobs themselves.

I do make an occasional exception to group with Random players. If I am bored out of my mind and Guild mates don't need my help, I will troll through Grim or Atlantis looking for a glimmer of talent and possibly recruit. Once in a while you spot a bright star, somebody with cruddy gear but who fights with guts and ingenuity. I love those days.
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Old 29.01.2013, 15:16   #3
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I managed the Evil Eye solo with some guidance from forum members.
Lately, I'm trying King Heredur's tomb. I can solo my way to the tomb, but so far I've died each time the dead king appears with his horde of subjects.
I would like to take a group there, but I don't want to miss out on the quest items or deny them to my colleagues...
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Old 30.01.2013, 02:12   #4
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Hi chris_nicoleuk, Each player in the group will get their own drops. If a pile of copper drops on your screen, you won't be competing with someone else for that one pile, they'll have their own. As for quest items, it works the same way. If everyone has the same quest active, each will get the quest item dropped so they can complete the quest. Hope this helps.
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Old 30.01.2013, 09:49   #5
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Thank you. That does explain it.
I was wondering why no one else in the group was picking up copper or other dropped items.
So each player can only pick up treasure or quest items that appears on their screen.


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Old 30.01.2013, 10:57   #6
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Speaking of group etiquette, a new trend emerged since a few weeks after some update introducing the possibility for a leaving group member to stay in same map.

Those dudes, either kicked from group leader, or leaving the group themselves, equip their purple/red essences and shoot the group members.

Would it be possible to revert this functionality like it were before the update: the leaving group member reappears alone on a new map.
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Old 04.02.2013, 22:56   #7
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Default Group etiquette...I would like to add a few words.

The following suggestions are to help foster good playing habits that will allow you many happy friends to group with you:
1. Be courteous. Think about how your actions will affect the people grouped with you.
2. If you have an emergency come up when grouped, tell your group even if it is brb, it lets them know you have not been disconnected. Simply disappearing or not responding is rude, Please do not be surprised if they continue exploring. You are till grouped and can catch up to them when you get back.
3. When in a group, try your best NOT to leave in the middle of the run unless it is a real emergency. Too many instances of ditching before the end will make people not want to group with you. Try to remember the group is counting on your help. Leaving because your inventory is full is rude. Leaving because your weapon is broken is a good reason, but try to wait until after a battle and then tell the group...sorry my weapon broke I need to repair.
4. Most groups will understand if an emergency comes up and you have to leave right then every so often. Even so too many interruptions and emergencies will make people hesitant to group with you. because in essence they see it as a waste of time if you are constantly pulled away.
5. Try not to order other players in your group around. Come up with a game plan, strategy or tactic first before getting into combat. Ordering, shouting or bullying someone is rude and most people won't tolerate it. Plan ahead and save the arguments and hurt feelings.
6. Be polite, be understanding, be patient...we are playing a game. If you find someone not to your liking, use the ignore button. Please do not engage in verbal warfare. Trust me your group doesn't want to be a part of it, nor does the everyone in that chat room. If you really want to engage someone and you know it may not go well, do so in whisper.
These are the basic and most appreciated things a person can do in a group to make it enjoyable for everyone.

Last edited by Morgandy : 04.02.2013 at 22:58. Reason: poor wording.
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Old 05.02.2013, 03:22   #8
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Very nice guide Morgandy.

1 more thing I would add - If I do ever have to leave a group in a dungeon, and I have PVP on (I always have PVP on), I ask the group members to kill me. They deserve a little honor for putting up with an inconvenient situation.
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Old 05.02.2013, 04:38   #9
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Very nice guide Morgandy. Could I also add 'communication'. I don't care what language you have, it is polite to excuse yourself if you need to take a quick break - do not just stand there in silence - and a 'thank you' at the end of the run does not hurt either.

Also whisper first before sending the invite. If you fail to do this, then at least advise the new member where you are headed. So frustrating if you join a group and have no idea what it is about or where you are headed. I don't stay in groups like this any more.
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Old 05.02.2013, 21:50   #10
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Designating a leader and being clear on what path you're taking also really helps. Seems a lot of us tend to be followers in PW, and end up doing the PW shuffle across the map. One moves a few feet, the rest move a few feet, and so forth. Makes for a slow confusing run.
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