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Default PvP is tough for the Dragon Knight class

I have been playing pvp recently and i play a dragon knight and i just get annihilated because i just get kited by mages and rangers they slow me and stun me and just die. Please figure a way to get rid of their crazy cc or find a way to buff warriors pls
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I feel your pain, but you will get the argument that DKs are the strongest characters in game and have plenty of buffs so they don't need anymore. If you look at the Hall of fame you don't see a DK in the top 5, at least you don't on Tegan. I will have to look again to be sure but I doubt there is one in the top 10. SO I ask how are DKs the most powerful if SWs and Ras are the top players in pvp?
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Hi rakken245,
Welcome to Drakensang Online English Forums.

This is one of the most common statements on the boards, that one or the other class is better than the others. You will find that some people say it's the DW, others say Ranger, others think SW are.
The developers are constantly making changes, seeking balance, altering strengths and abilities in order to give everyone much more pleasant and challenging experience in the game.

In PvP a lot of factors must be considered before saying one class is OP or UP.
First of all take a look on their PvP rank - are your opponents higher rank than you?
Higher PvP rank, means they have higher level on the PvP tallent tree, and each point there gives you extra 1% damage in PvP and reduces enemy damage by 1%.

Next thing - are they having multiple Ammon quest items (gloves, shoulders, boots) - note that the Ammon quest set has pretty descent set bonuses? Are they having some of the unique items, some of which have really good stats, compared to other equipment?

There are also other factors which you cannot know, like how many and what type of gems they have in their equipment, what type of essence they use. etc.

There are multiple guides related to item builds for DragonKnight and PvP, here are links to just some of them:
The PVP guide for those (like me) who prefer PVE
Bodhi's Guide to a Better DK
Guides for a 2h dragonknight

Of course I most probably has missed something, I have given you these like a starting point. I am sure you will find more information on the Dragon Warrior forum.

Hope this helps

I have updated the title of your thread and also moved it to Dragon Warrior forum, so that you get more targeted responses to your concerns.

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Well,if your in a low level arena(10-19).Whenever a stupid Sw freeze you or even slow you down..rage jump on them then immediately what you gonna do it stun(keep the stun up) then angry strike until you got enough rage to spam smash on him/her. They got weak defense so the easiest target in low level arena even using full ander gear,i two hit them using my ranger with a noobie quiver. ^^) I believe dk could do better since they won't run out of rage while ranger does and had to wait for a while for concentration to regain.

Vsing ranger is quite though,since hunting arrow slow you down and if your dumb enough(sorry no offense) and went to chase him while he/she shot from a'll probably dead by now before you reach the ranger.
Whenever you saw them,try run away from them and hide..what you gonna do now is wait until one of them(ranger) were attacking your teammates then ambush a combo x),stun>rage jump>angry strike/smash/smash spam=dead ranger. :P that's how those dk kill me solo hehe or else they're dead meat for me in arena.

Well,if your dk(candidate) and vsing a ranger(legion) then stop dreaming on defeating him..because it's really tough and ranger(legion rank) damage is very high even without essences.I know it because i was a pro ranger in 10-19 arena. x)

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