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Old 11.07.2012, 20:01   #1
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Default Beware: Lost $20 to Drakensang Online

So I was enjoying the game very much and thought I'd donate to the cause and stock up on some virtual currency to help level my char.

>Used google checkout
>bought 19k Andermant for 20 bucks
>immediately got error message after processing transaction
>checked ingame, no andermant there
>Went to open ticket
>Google Checkout wasn't one of the options - selected misc instead
>provided transaction ID, and all other relevant info
>checked balance on my card - money was indeed gone
>waited an hour - got this response:

"07.11.2012 20:23Thank you very much for your inquiry. Unfortunately, we can't seem to find the reason for the problem and/or don't know why we didn't receive your payment. Please contact the provider of the payment method you selected to find out more.

You can find your provider's contact/support address on their homepage.

Sorry for this inconvenience."

>went back to Google Checkout - tried to get refund, Got this response from Google:

"Request Return or Refund
Google cannot approve returns or initiate refunds on behalf of the seller. Please contact the seller with your request. "

>money is gone
>both parties don't seem to have it.
>i guess pigs can fly too
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have you checked your bank account has there been charged 20e,becouse that has happened to me too whit chrome but i didnt lose the moneys, and now i use mozilla firefox when i buy andermant and there has been no problems
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Sorry for the inconvenience

First you need to get your provider to track the transaction to see if it was received by BP.
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Old 11.07.2012, 22:25   #4
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I would urge you to drop Google Checkout and utilize PayPal.
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Old 12.07.2012, 05:02   #5
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I suggest using ultimate gaming cards, depending on where you live, I am in the US, you can buy these cards at RiteAid stores, and other multiple stores. Also walmart. They are 20$ per card and work with DSO. I have used many on the game so far as it is the easiest way for me to purchase virtual currency in DSO. I highly suggest using this method of payment.
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