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Where do I find or buy legendary items? I am a Level 15 Dragon Warrior. I have searched the forum and have read that you can craft them but no one says what items are required.

By the way --- I love this game. I can't believe that this is a free to play browser game. It reminds me of the old diablo 2 days. Thanks Developers.

Anyone know what I need to combined?

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You need 4 extraordinary (pink) items to craft together to one legendary.
Sometimes legendaries drop from bosses or just from a monster if you are lucky.

However, i advise against legendaries at this low level because they will be useless when you're level 25 or so, as you can read here:

It is a let down to find a magic level 25 item that is stronger than your level 15 legendary when you've spent so much time crafting it together. Instead aim for fully blue (magical).
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Thanks for your reply Gamunity. This was exactly was I was looking for.
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Think you are being a bit negative here. I do see your point though as the items are going to cost a fortune to ID but they CAN last a long time. It's a choice we all have to make when we craft Legendary items. Rarely do we get items that are better in all areas than the ones we are replacing - especially if we've put Resistance gems in. However, in conclusion would have to agree that it is bit early for Legendary items.


See above. Haven't played as a DW so not sure of your requirements. At your level then "magic" and "extraordinary" items should be more than adequate. Look to be crafting "Legendary" items when you get to your mid 20s.
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Daumen hoch

Bigsease30 welcome to the forums!

Originally Posted by Bigsease30 View Post
Thanks for your reply Gamunity. This was exactly was I was looking for.
I'm glad it's all clear now, thank you for your help gamunity and Jherek59.

Question answered, I'll close this thread then.
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