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Old 06.03.2012, 20:32   #1
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Default Legendary Durias Sword..lvl

hey all...tha last week i have killed khaly lvl 40(hard) more than 80 times...she hasnt dropped durias sword...not even green ( improved) in my kill groups more than 15 times they have collect sword...once legendary but not i bugged? whats the drop rate ? 1:1.000.000 ? many hours...thanks all and have fun..

Is there a list with % rate of drops ?if u need to kill a raid boss more than 100 times for legendary drops then for unique u need 1000 ? this is very exhausting for all players i think....


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No, currently, there is no list available.

However may I suggest you yourself pioneering on this matter and making one yourself to post at a later date on the forums to help others with similar thoughts as you?

Happy Gaming
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Default killing Khaly

OK What's the trick to killing Khalu. I've tried and tried but continually get my butt kicked. On top of that I can't seem to get anyone to go in with me.
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Old 08.04.2012, 17:43   #4
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I dont think the sword has the lowest drop rate. When a mob dies and items are generated randomly to be dropped and everything has the same rate to drop except for unique gears. It's just luck. The rarity is also generated but the higher the lower % (1 ex and 1 green is the minimum for 3 ending game bosses). I dont even need that duria sword, I use legend Duria handaxe and happy with 25% attack speed and 10 damage which even outstands many many legend duria swords
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Default Duria sword

Hey, ive had the same problem killing khaly 400 times before i got any duria sword drop (extrodenery) ive got all other legendary maxed except duria sword. And about 80% of my DK friends have gotten legendary sword from herold or khaly, But they also have problems getting some other item which i had no problem getting. This migth just be that they made some items harder to get (the last ones) and its a random item. Ive still not gotten it legendary though. Just keep trying it will come sooner or later.
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Originally Posted by billumsnave View Post
OK What's the trick to killing Khalu. I've tried and tried but continually get my butt kicked. On top of that I can't seem to get anyone to go in with me.
We seem to have the same issue - you can take a look at my thread about boss hunting:
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