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Default NEBULA3 SYSTEM ERROR (Graphics)

Thread: GraphicsInterface Thread
Error: Failed to create Direct3D device object: D3DERR_INVALIDCALL

(HWND=0X4025a/ 262746, PARENT_HWND=0x7014e/ 459086)!
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Default bump same issue

ive got a asus eee pc should haveno problem running thisgamebut when i login i get drakensang logo with progress bar then bloop! the above posters error
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both of you need to close your browser and clear your DSO client folder a link to the instructions can be found in my signature also clear your browser cache. then try to play issue should be fixed
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i also get a neb error it has to do with grahpics i beleive it says lighting when it happens it always is happending for me when i fight khalys i ahve a thread here in the tech help about it.ive emailed support and theyre answer was typical clear cahce delete dsoclient folder didnt help though.

what makes me so mad, and i cant say the words here or ingame, i ahve been playing for am month, when first play game it was fine no neb errors.when they release r42 with that neb error fix it it when i started getting them.they need to loook into r42 and findout what they did cause it is causeing me and it seems other people more issues then the fix did.

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if you are not satisfied with the assistance given by support please make another support ticket .. you also need to do this if the assistance provided there did not fix your issue

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