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Old 23.09.2011, 23:20   #1
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Default Error:Failed to create Direct3D device object

I get a error saying exactly this

Application: ???
Thread: GraphicsInterface Thread
Error:Failed to create Direct3D device object: D3DERR_INVALIDCALL(HWND=0X1a0214 / 1704468, PARENT_HWND=0x180224 / 1573412)!
No idea what it means, I've tried updating my drivers etc, Any way I can fix this error? Thank you for your help.
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Old 08.01.2012, 01:34   #2
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Yeah! me too! same problem sir! please help us i want to play this game really badly cause i think it's awesome so please admins help us
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No idea if its gonna help but while any Mod come to help try clearing your DSO folder and your browser, if dont know how, use search you will find it. Good luck hope see you both soon in-game.
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Old 11.01.2012, 13:51   #4
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Try all the standard. Clear your DSO client folder make sure you gfx drivers are updated update JAVA and clear your browser cache if after all that it still doesn't work submit a support ticket
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Old 11.01.2012, 21:51   #5
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Deadsoul. i tried to do exactly as you stated before. I cleared my cash files, DSO folder, check if my Java is updated and still nothing. As soon as I press "Play Now", it redirects me to a diff page where it seems like a video is about to start, for a split second i see the Drakensang Online logo with a loading screen and then i get that exact error message as stated above. Anything else i can do?
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Old 11.01.2012, 21:57   #6
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I think at this point, you'll need to contact Support so they can track and diagnose your problem more in depth.
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