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Default Release 107 - Myrdosch

13.00 pm CEST UTC+2 start of 30 min countdown
13.30 pm CEST UTC+2 restart
14.00 pm CEST UTC+2 all instances live again


Release 107 opens up the world of Myrdosch, the long-awaited expansion that brings you to the realm of the dwarves. In conjunction with the unveiling of six new areas, countless new quests, hundreds of new items, new monsters and a new boss opponent, we've raised the level cap to level 45. We've also started reworking the parallel world mode. Effective immediately, all parallel world dungeons can be reached from the "Watery Grave," which serves as a collection point for heroes seeking to put together a party for parallel world quests.

New Features
  • "Myrdosch" expansion
    • Explore six new areas of the dwarven realm and master the many new quests available there.
    • Show your true heroism by accepting a new quest type: protecting an NPC!
    • Face up to dangerous new opponents, unmask their devious plans and conquer the new boss monster, the Destructor!
  • Raising of level cap to level 45
    • Your heroes can now rise to level 45
    • Learn new skills and talents

New skill at level 42: Dragon's Fury

Shout your wrath at your enemies with such massive power that the earth splits open for 4 seconds. Opponents in the affected area are slowed by 80% and suffer 150% of your base damage per second as fire damage.

Cost: 60 rage, ammunition consumed: 6

New talent at level 45: Rage Outburst

After 5 seconds, Dragon's Fury now also creates an explosion that stuns all affected opponents for 2 seconds (PvP: 1 second).

New talent at level 45: Will to Survive

When you use the Dragon Hide or Furious Battle Cry skills, you heal yourself by 2% of your maximum hitpoints per second for a duration of 5 seconds.


New skill at level 42: Mind Control

Using the power of your mind, you can force a monster to fight for your side for 8 seconds. While the monster is under your control, it causes 200% extra damage to all enemies. If the monster dies while under your influence, an ice nova detonates at the site of its death. All monsters within 6 meters of the detonation will be completely frozen for 5 seconds (PvP: 2 seconds).

Cost: 25 mana, cool-down time: 30 seconds

Regular monsters, monsters with the small red mark and creatures that belong to players (wolves, guardian, etc.) can be taken over using Mind Control. The ice nova can be triggered by all monsters and players. When a skill is used, the cool-down time is always triggered, regardless of whether a monster is taken over or not.
New talent at level 45: Astral Phenomenon

Directly after executing a successful Mind Control, you have one second to use any of your skills without triggering the cool-down times. (for example: 3x teleport, 2x singularity)

New talent at level 45: Guardian of Flames

Your guardian can shoot fireballs and scorch all opponents around it.


New skill at level 42: ThornTrail

Shoots a poison arrow that leaves a wall of thorns along its flight path. The arrow causes 25% of your base damage as poison damage. Opponents in the thicket are slowed by 80% and receive 55% of your base damage as poison damage per second. The wall of thorns remains in place for 6 seconds.

Cost: 66 concentration, ammunition consumption: 6, cool-down time: 12 seconds

New Talent at Level 45: Path of Destruction

Opponents hit by the poison arrow from your thorntrail are marked and explode into a poisonous cloud if they die within 6 seconds of being hit. The poison cloud causes 300% of your base damage as poison damages to all opponents within its radius.

If multiple poison clouds are created at the same time, then enemies within the affected area only suffer the damages once. (So if three poison clouds detonate around a monster all at once, then it only receives the 300% damages once.)
New Talent at Level 45: Wood Wraith

The Wild Pack now calls a powerful wood wraith instead of wolves. The wraith can seize and mark all opponents around it.

New, powerful items, include:

Axe of Destruction
One-hand axe with the following values
  • Damage: 153 - 198
  • 1.16 attacks/sec (203.21 damage/sec)
  • 4 free sockets for gems
  • Enchantments
    • + 100 damage
    • + 200 fire resistance
    • 10 % boost to attack rate

Staff of Destruction
One-hand staff with the following values
  • Damage: 136 - 164
  • 1.08 attacks/sec (162 damage/sec)
  • 4 free sockets for gems
  • Enchantments
    • + 80 damage
    • +400 critical hit value
    • 8 % boost to attack rate

Bow of Destruction
Shortbow with following values
  • Damage: 97 - 137
  • 1.05 attacks/sec (123.16 damage/sec)
  • 4 free sockets for gems
  • Enchantments
    • + 50 damage
    • + 40 % critical damage
    • +150 critical hit value
  • All of these objects are dropped by the Destructor based on fixed probability values, presuming you win the battle.
  • We'll be introducing other items in the coming days, including new companions, mounts and much more.
Important changes
  • Linking of the parallel world dungeons
    • Your trip into the parallel world now starts with a visit to the "Watery Grave." From there you can use a map to journey to the parallel world dungeons. You can no longer travel to the parallel world through the normal dungeon entrances.
    • Previously unlocked parallel world dungeons and your quest progress remain in place, of course.
    • Prior to entering the parallel world dungeon, you'll be queried about the desired difficulty level. At present the only available option is "heroic."
  • Prices have been permanently reduced, and there are new offers for the Crystals of Truth, the Universal Map, the Monkey companion, the Dragonspawn, the Dumbbell emote and all dyes.
  • The price reductions required a recalculation of the Surprise Chest, with better odds for the player.
  • The "Favor of Destiny" and "Destiny's Support" packets are also now available in the shop. They contain new XP boosters and spirit guards, among other items.
  • For better clarity, quests in Myrdosch now contain numbers in their title. They let you see at a glance which part of a quest series you're currently completing, such as "(2/4)."
    • Repeatable quests are marked with "(r)."
  • Some areas have a level threshold that must be attained before they can be entered.
    • The "Watery Grave" and "Misty Ridge" are two examples of this.

Selected bug fixes
  • It's no long possible to use an exploit to deploy two talents from the same level at the same time. An additional protective mechanism against cheaters has also been installed to prevent them from using talents of a level higher than they've achieved.
  • Some monsters that stand around passively at times (such as the Rangers' wolves) now attack opponents in their range.
  • The Melting Value for unidentified items are now shown in the tooltip immediately after being collected.
  • The "Melt down" button on the smelting furnace now indicates clearly via tooltip that items being melted down will be permanently destroyed.
  • The improperly configured upgrade costs for Glyphs of Power for off-hand items (such as shields) has been corrected and raised by 50%. This adjustment also means that all existing off-hand upgrades have received a 50% value boost.
  • The user interface for item upgrades has been optimized.
  • The "Chest of Unique Items" no longer gives Spellweaver rings to Dragonknights.
  • Problems with faulty items — previously shown through a label in the name "Warning: The offer is not valid…" — has been resolved.
  • The minor errors in various areas reported to us by the community have been fixed, such as the invisible blockade in the "Capture the Flag" arena battle and wall pieces in Mount Suvius that could be walked through.
  • The navigational calculation for the "Hall of Death" has been improved.
  • The rare situation where the ram in the "Storm the Fortress" arena battle skipped the doors and went directly for the drawbridge will no longer occur.

Dear community,
a lot of you have been pointing out translation, syntax and grammar errors in the English version of Drakensang Online.

With 107, a lot of text has been reworked and adjusted to meet the proper level of a native speaker!

Known issues
  • Dragon Knight
    • The talent “supernatural regeneration” does not regenerate hit points.
  • Spell weaver
    • The talent mind control has no effect on other players or their minions in player versus player matches.
  • Quest
    • Every group member has to start the quest type “hold ground” individually to be able to finish them.
    • In some cases the NPCs for hold ground quests is appears to be double. This has no negative effects on solving such quests.
  • Merchant
    • A buff called ‘Fyrgons Fireblessing’ is available in the city of Andrakasch. This buff item has no effect on the player when consumed.
    • A new package is available which contains 4x nectar of insight. The package’s tooltip accidentally states that it contains fruit of insight.
    • The Item offer for the ranger class has a wrong icon. Affected items are offhand quivers.
  • Loot
    • The loot drop object for weapon modifiers with item level below 40 is displayed with a loot drop object (this is only a display error).
  • Misc
    • The mini map may show some placeholder entries on new boss map.
    • Buff Bar: In some cases the icons of new buff food display a different icon than intended.

Last minute fixes:
  • We fixed issues with the guild services. It should now be possible to leave guilds or delete users from guild list.
  • Setting ‘show premium’ on and off now work correct.
  • Khaly’s health points have been increased

Off to Myrdosch, Heroes of Duria!

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