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Default Defeat the Undefeatable [EVENT]

Defeat the undefeatable!

It´s rumored that the ore fiends of Dracania are undefeatable. But that´s just because they´ve never met you!
Queen Antonia has called for a competition – whoever defeats the most terrifying monsters will become one of the immortal heroes of Duria.
Are you up to the challenge?

General Modifications:
  • heroic quests are now only available if the player also unlocked the heroic dungeon (for example Khalys heroic)
  • event quests are now only available if the player is in the defined level range (see below)
  • 7 new quests added to fill leaks in the low and mid level range
  • new event rewards
  • event npcs now available in the following hub locations: Grimford, Kingshill, Werian Sanctuary, Resistance Command Center, Hognis Mine, Ashraya
Level ranges for quests (translated from german)
  • Defeat the Sluggish Bog Beast 2-10
  • Defeat Relic-Guardian Branard 2-10
  • Defeat The Old Stag 11-19
  • Defeat King Heredur of Duria 11-19 (normal)
  • Defeat the Talking Skeletonwarrior 20-27
  • Defeat Khalys 20-27 (normal)
  • Defeat the Dragonbrood Golden-horned Guard 28-31
  • Defeat Herald of the Anderworld 28-31 (normal)
  • Defeat Gullov 32-37
  • Defeat Sigrismarr Frostclaw 32-37 (normal)
  • Defeat B'Alub the Librarian 38-40
Jewel Pouch

Spirit Stones


Essence Crystals

Winter Solstice Gem Bag

Jewel Of Immunity

Dark Heart Fragment

Emote: Bow

750 Books of Knowledge

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