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Default Release 091

Greetings Heroes and Heroines of Duria

Release 91 features further PvP improvements as well as the introduction of the Quick Riding feature and its matching Quick Mounts.

LIVE SYNC, today 20.02.2013

13:00 (cet) start count down on all instances (30 min)
13:30 (cet) start maintenance (takes 30 -60 min)

Quick Mounts
Release 91 signifies the launch of the new Quick Mounts. In order to you use them, you’ll have to increase your level of knowledge by learning the new talent “Quick Riding”. As soon as you’ve learned this new talent, you can explore the world of Drakensang Online with your new Quick Mount which you can get through quests or the merchant. In addition, you can now locate the arenas in the world of Dracania which now also boast new, matching quest series. Based on your feedback, we were also able to make additional balancing improvements and further optimize the balance of classes.



Ice bear Mesh Work


SteamMount Mesh Work

Costume Duria

New features
  • Quick Riding
    • A new level of riding – Quick Riding – can now be learned by increasing your level of knowledge.
    • Corresponding Quick Mounts can be won in quests or bought from Grizmek the Tamer.
  • Different PvP arenas have been discovered in the world.
    • The arena for the “Team death match” battle as well as the entrance to the “Storm the Fortress” arena can both be found in Kingshill.
    • The arena for “Duels” is located in Jarlshofn and has been given a new look.
    • The arena for “Capture the Flag” is located in Ellonidos and has also been given a new design.
    • The game also has new PvP quest series which you can complete to win different Quick Mounts. While completing the quest, you can also win new arena-specific costume pieces.
  • Weekly rankings have now been activated.
Important changes
  • Further balancing adaptations help optimize the balance of PvP classes but also offer many improvements for Dragonknights.
    • A concrete list of changes can be found below post below
    • Every player was issued two free talent resets.
  • The PvP quest series “The Road to Fame” (previously called “Group vs Group“) for Robert Rampage is now available to all types of battles. The reward adjusts accordingly.
  • In PvP, if you are defeated in battle, you will now be able to see who defeated you.
  • The invitation to an arena battle no longer gets in the way of the player’s navigation. The invitation waiting period was increased to 30 seconds.
Important bug-fixes
  • An ELO system error in battles with uneven numbers of players was corrected, since it was causing major inaccuracies. We’re continuing to watch this system.
  • The “Unbeatable!“ achievement in the “Capture the Flag ” battle is now only rewarded when players stop flag-bearing opponents at least three times.
  • Experience points are now rewarded again for winning battles in PvP.
  • PvP buffs are now deleted at the beginning of a new round like intended.
  • Invitations to arena battles can now be accepted during the last ten seconds of the countdown.
  • After completing certain skills, an error sometimes caused players to temporarily slide instead of run. This problem has now been rectified.
  • The mini dungeon “Grave of the First Durians” in the “Swerdfield Pastures” now displays the proper recommended levels.
  • After disbanding a team, PvP-flagged players or players in open PvP regions can now be attacked directly.
  • Players now receive achievements in the “Storm the Fortress” battle.
Known issues

  • The Tooltip of dragon knight talent ‘powerful swing’ says that the movement of enemies is hindered, but it’s the damage that will be hindered.
  • The talent trees reset did not occur as planned due to technical issue. The talent tree reset will happen during the next downtime (Hotfix or Patch).
  • The trade and quest keeper ‘Archos Andronidos’ in Ellonidos don’t has any items for offer.
  • Gorga: The water floating effect is currently shown to far in the ground.
Charge onward, Heroes of Duria!

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Game Admin Drakensang Online
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Default R091 Balancing Changes


Dragonknights –“Dragon Power” talent of experience
  • The error that caused the healing effect to end early was corrected. The healing effect now lasts the entire time the “Dragon Power” talent is in effect (for 8 seconds).
Spellweavers – “Shock Charges” talent of experience
  • The error which caused the Shock Charges’ stunning effect to also take full effect on players was corrected.

Changes to the Dragonknights

“Rageful Swing” skill
  • The blast radius was increased from 120° to 170°, meaning the visual effect is now accurately displayed in the game.
“Bloody Wild Swing” skill
  • The blast radius was increased from 3.5 to 4 meters.
“Dragon Power” talent of experience
  • The healing effect was increased from 20% to 30%.
“Mighty Banner of War” talent of experience
  • The attack speed was increased from 20% to 30%.
“Fanaticism” talent of experience
  • The attack speed now increases by 15% per each improvement (before: 10%)
  • The travel speed now increases by 10% per each improvement (before: 8%)
  • The number of maximum improvements was reduced from 5 to 4.

“Powerful Swing” talent of experience
  • The damage caused by all enemies hit by the “Powerful Swing” will now be reduced by 20% for 3 seconds (PvP: 2.0 seconds).
    (Before: The travel speed and attack speed of all enemies hit by the “Powerful Swing“ was reduced by 30% and 15% respectively for a duration of 3.0 seconds (PvP: 2.0 seconds).)

Changes to the Rangers

“Deadly Blow” skill
  • Damage reduced from 85% to 60%.
    Marked enemies suffer double the amount of damage (before: no marking interaction).
    No matter if an enemy is marked or not, and they are struck down by the “Deadly Blow”, the Ranger will regain 100% of his/her maximum concentration (before: 25%).
“Directed Blow” talent of experience
  • Increases the damage of the “Deadly Blow” skill by 60% (before: 100%)

Changes to Spellweavers

“Magic Missile” skill
  • Damage increased from 60% to 70%.

“Chain of Lightning” skill
  • Missile speed was slightly reduced.
“Frost Nova” skill
  • Duration of stunning effect on monsters was increased from 2.8 to 3.0 seconds.
  • Duration of the stunning effect on players was reduced from 1.3 to 1.0 seconds.
“Frost Wind” skill
  • Duration of stunning effect on monsters was increased from 2.8 to 3.0 seconds.
  • Duration of the stunning effect on players was reduced from 1.3 to 1.0 seconds.
“Bitter Cold” talent of experience
  • The duration of the “Frost Wind“ and “Frost Nova“ skills’ stunning effect on players were also increased (by 0.3 seconds).

“Shock Charges” talent of experience
  • The Shock Charges’ stunning effect now also works on players (for 0.5 seconds).

Please post all your feedback HERE

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