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Default Release R043

Calling all Dragonknights, Spellweavers and Rangers!

Release 043 is a small release that includes a few new improvements and bug fixes, as well as 3 new quests.

  • The series of quests entitled “Bad News” now has a new Jarlshofn quest that can be embarked by speaking to Alvis Runevision after reaching level 26.
  • There is the new quest “Restless Ghosts” in Jarlshofn, as well as a second variation for level 24 (and above) players available from Alvis Runevision. To start the quest, you must first complete the fourth part of the “Deadly Screams” series of quests.

  • The text in the series of quests “Bad News” from Arne the messenger has been revamped.
  • The text in the series of quests “Deadly Screams” in Jarlshofn has been revamped and an NPC in the quest was changed. Furthermore, the directions in the task descriptions have been made clearer.

Selected Bug Fixes:
  • The Spellweaver in Jarlshofn has moved on. Her role in the quest series “Deathly Screams” has been taken over by Sanni the jeweler.
  • The travel stone in the Haraagstove grove no longer moves when your hover over it with the mouse.
  • The sensitivty of the backspace key in the entry fields has been reduced.
  • The correct battle status will be displayed in PvP mode after logging out and re-logging in.
  • The button to register for a battle is now correctly displayed when you are no longer locked out of battles.
  • The tooltip for when you are locked out of battle is now correctly displayed.
  • The book of shadows and one of the council witches in Hagastove Grove have been relocated in the “Malyssa’s Sisters” quest.
  • The displays for the treasure chests in Stonekeep, the Foxarrific Burrow of Investigation's HQ and Eternal Watch have been corrected.
  • Creatures that use magic to attack players now correctly continue their pursuit.
  • Acquiring an object from a surprise chest is now played back in the right inventory section.
  • Enchanted objects are now displayed correctly after selling them to a merchant.
  • Skills are no longer erroneously displayed several times in the quick slot bar after leveling up.
  • The graphical error that appeared to have projectiles colliding with group members in PvP mode has been fixed.
  • An additional Nebula crash bug in the game client that prevented the root table content file from being read has been fixed.

  • In its first week, the daily login bonus was increased, but now has been reduced to normal.
  • Essence of combat is now given on day 3 instead of the Kaboom explosive.
  • The Kamboom explosive is now rewarded on day 4 instead of essence of war.
  • And now essence of combat is available in the small surprise chests instead of essence of war.


We will be presenting you with the first 6 new skills in release 44. Each character class will receive 2 new skills, with one added at level 18 and one at level 30. This is the first phase of our skill rally; and, each character class will possess 12 skills and have a skill tree by the end of April.

May your adventures be prosperous in Duria,

Your Drakensang Online Team

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