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Originally Posted by Lainsbury View Post
My personal opinion is that the Longbow is better for PvP, the length of time between shots allows Concentration to regenerate quicker when it is low, using a Short bow with 1, 83 Attacks per second actually makes Concentration deplete quicker (If using Hunting Arrow) than a Longbow with 0, 83 Attacks per second. If using a Longbow it would give you less shots per second however allows Concentration to build quicker and therefore allowing you to use Piercing Shot more often!

Again, this is just my personal opinion, if anyone can see fault with it, please bring it to my attention :]

Best Regards,
no fault as to each their own for their playstle, my only comment is like some said shrotbow would allow you to get more precisions hots off to a netted/cced target, also i find it easier to keep targets slowed/poisioned with hunting arrow using a short..

altough the obvious short it does eat through conc a lot faster and your eally ahve to be good at managing your conc.

seems to me like...

shortbow-better cc/kiting/keeping target slowed
longbow- better single shot burst

i ahvent used a long in a while but hoping to get a extrao bonebow soon to give it a go again..


finally got an extrao bonebow, along with crafted a legendary hard leather quiver.with longbow/quiver combo i can easily solo LL diff.the burst damage is very good as long as you ahve good damagre/crit on your gear.

so agian jsut my opinion
but from my experiences to 40 using both long and shortbows/shield and quiver combos in pve and pvp i find best for pve to be longbow/quiver, best for pvp shortbow/one or the other depends of your style.the shield is great for damage reduction but you take a major hit to your crit when running a shield.

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