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Default Release R035

With the Release 035 we present three new innovations within the scope of the Norselands expansion:
With the first change, we invite you to follow us into the Norselands and to experience new and exciting adventures. The second change is the third archetype through which we hope to provide you with even more diversity and new ways to play. Our third change is a new skills system that is designed to make it easier and more fun to free your hero Duria and the Norselands from the dangers of the Anderworld. We wish all of you lots of fun, successful adventures in the Norselands as well as a happy and safe holiday season!
Your Drakensang Online Team

NEW: The Norselands

The village of Jarlshofn is situated on the other wise of the dark ocean, along the well-known Thunder Coast, referred to as Torstrand by the Norselanders. For the longest time, the coastal towns of Duria lived in fear of the flamboyant dragon boats belonging to the bearded warriors living there until a young King Herald made a pact for eternal peace with Jarl of the Norselands. But this promised peace is nowhere to be found in this storm-ravaged coastal village. Torstrond – previously the home of hunters, tanners, and fishermen – is now a blood-soaked battlefield. The Norselands are calling out to their alleys to send them their heroes!
  • 6 new areas
  • Levels 25-30
  • 48 new quests
  • 5 new monsters
  • 1 new boss monster

Protect the Norselands against a common enemy, reveal the secret of the sudden winter, and confront the age-old danger that reaches out its ice-cold talon to all forms of life!

NEW: The Rangers

At one time, all humans were hunters. However, while a large portion of them continually turned their backs on a life bound by nature, the rangers retained their original way of living, which turned them into feared underdogs. But now the underdogs of the forests are invoking the creation of an alliance with the old order against everyone who unsettles the balance and provides a response to the agile hunters, eagerly offering resistance to the threat.
  • Discover the third archetype with its dynamic combat style!
  • Use the new skills and hunt anyone who threatens to upset the world’s balance!
  • Support your friends with the blade bow and show your superiority in the arena!

NEW: New Skills System

As previously mentioned, within the scope of the ranger conversion, the skills system was fundamentally reworked. The result is a slimmer and more powerful system for the skills that, beginning immediately, provide you with constant access to your improved skills!
  • The skills book now contains a list of all available skills for your archetype – and finally an elaborate description of the skills!
  • Skills are automatically activated upon reaching the required level.
  • The easy skills were removed from the game – all players now always have the improved version of the skills available!
  • Upon reaching a new level, players receive feedback to the newly activated skills.
  • Skill damage only functions as a percentage of player damage.
  • The player now has base damage that automatically increases upon attainment of the next level and that replaces the old skill damage.
  • The old essence bars were removed from the game. In its place, now each player has a new inventory slot for essences.
  • Fight, battle, war and destruction essences are now available in the world of monsters and with traders – they function like equipment on the player’s damage. Their maximum damage effect corresponds to the previous increase in damages through essentials, but is also available for the intermediate levels – even for gold.
  • Use of skills consumes (differs, depending on skill) amounts essences if these were equipped – the consumption does not increase with your level!
  • Magicians have received the new skills “Fireball” and “Lightning Strike.”
  • Warriors have received the “Powerful Wild Swing” – they had already received the “Angry Battle Cry” within the scope of the PvP changes.

Solstice Festival
  • The Solstice Festival is celebrated in Duria! On this occasion, Robert Rampage – the master of competition – passes out festive headgear in Kingshill to famous heroes in the arena.

Video Tutorials
  • After logging on for the first time, new players are now given the opportunity to immediately click on a link that forwards them to the video tutorials section.

Changes to Archetypes
  • The basic regeneration was increased for the Spell Weaver

Changes to the Maps
  • The catacombs of Kingskill were redesigned so that there are less fade-outs and the game’s flow was improved.
  • Changes in Player vs. Player
  • In matchmaking, it is now shown for which competitions you have been registered.
  • The statistics for the “Player vs. Player” competition were reworked so that it is now easier to find important information.

Changes to the Balancing
  • The monsters and quests in Slifmoor, Prison of Souls, Liars Lair and the Rootrock Cavern were aligned and now adhere to levels 20-25.

Selected bug fixes
  • Missing icons in the buff bar were added.
  • An error in the collision systems in the dragon caverns was corrected.
  • A possibility to exploit an error in the battle against Herald was corrected.
  • Feedback was added that shows when your quest log is full.
  • New icons for notifications were added.
  • The time without a loading bar at the beginning of the game was shortened. Loading was further optimized.

Known Issues
  • It can occur that in some languages individual translations are incomplete.
  • If you have a lower amount of ammunition as needed for you skill/cast it is possible that the cast will go through but won´t do any damage on the target

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