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Default Release r025

Release 025

Heroes of Duria,
We have put together a great package for you! The new guild system is now available, as well as three new mini-dungeons, a new area, new quests and even more new features. We wish you a pleasant journey!

NEW: Guild System

From the Community button in your HUD or with the F key you can now create your very own guild

NEW: Sealed sites

In some areas you will find Sealed doors to new areas (mini dungeons), inside you will discover new challenges and great treasures. To enter this magical place you must first gain Trymons seal fragments, these are available from thePremium shop
To help you on your journey in to the first sealed site on On Darbmoor we have placed a new Quest giver in Grimford from whom you can gain a seal to open the Dungeon

The new dungeons can be found in...
  • Smuggler's Den (Darbmoor, level 5)
  • Forgotten Baths of Collisium (Kingshill, level 15)
  • Grave of the first Duren (Swerdfield pastures, level 15)

NEW: improvements to the arena contest

  • Group registration enabled: You can now register your group to compete in the Group vs Group arena matches, the Group leader must register and group members must be in the following level range (10-19, 20-29, 30-40) we have included a score and timer display for you

Bug fixes-
  • Error in the score screen have been fixed.
  • Failed to spawn in the arena have been fixed.
  • Matchmaking has been improved.

NEW: Experience point potions in the Premium Shop
  • Increases your experience with a sip! Elixirs of experience are now available in various strengths (depending on the stage area) in the premium shop.

NEW: Fireworks in Surprise Boxes
  • In some surprise boxes you can find a new surprise missile, triggering a spectacular, colorful firework. (More display/vanity items coming soon!)

NEW: Level 15 Premium Equipment
  • New equipment now available for level 15 and above from the Blacksmith in Kingshill
  • Merc equipment for Dragon Knight
  • Adept for Spell Weavers

NEW: Rootrock Cavern
  • In Werians Sanctuary you will now find a pathway to a new area, The Rootrock Cavern (level 23-27) - A second entrance to this area can be found on Silfmoor We are responding to your desire that we create more opportunities for higher levels in this level range and we hope that we have provided this area for more variety in the area of Silfmoor

NEW: Evil Root Monster
  • In the Smugglers Cave and Rootrock Cavern you can encounter a new monster the Evil Root Monster, use caution or you may be “rooted”

NEW: Quests (Rootrock Cavern)

In Werians Sanctuarye there is a new NPC, guardian of the dead, Sister Liadan. She and the already famous Lord Vane can provide you with eight new quests (level range 23-30) For the new Rootrock Cavern
  • "Spores of madness" From Sister Liadan (4 quests)
  • "Tree of Life" From Sister Liadan (1 Quest)
  • "Root" From Lord Vane (3 quests)

  • Quest: Alteration to Droprate for Dragon Brood Wings
  • Quest: Statues on Silfmoor have been moved to allow you to better interact with them.

  • Arena may not register group correctly, reregister to skip this
  • Some Group vs Group matches may not be fully populated (missing players)
  • Players registered who have moved off in to Dungeon will be removed from them and placed in the arena

Planned changes

Next week: Arena Victory quest

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