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-=Callisto=- 13.07.2013 19:53

Full Moon Event Day + Night [FaQ]
Full Moon Event

Varholm is an island with a rather unfortunate fate; legend has it that when a sliver of the moon fell from the sky it cursed the island. A powerful and merciless werewolf is said to be lurking in the woods of Varholm ever since then. The number of werewolves is unknown to the inhabitants of Varholm, as not many people dare to cross the forest by night and those who dare rarely return.

A new NPC , called Rubina, is one of the only carriers of hope. The brave ranger with a scarlet red hood has sworn to avenge her clan, which was killed by the ancestral wolf and his pack. When first in Varholm be sure to talk to Rubina, she has encountered the wolves before and knows how to defeat them.



Outside of the usual loot, defeated werewolves may drop event progress in form of werewolf blood.

Vials of Werewolf blood are needed to summon the event boss “The Ancestral Wolf”.

The vial is consumed when interacting with an event specific object:
an altar

Note: “The Ancestral Wolf” always drops a random gem.

With a little bit of background knowledge in lunar phases and a simple calendar you should be able to figure out when the event is about to start.

Bonus question: How many times do we have a full moon per year?

If you know the answer, then you also know whenever Varholm’s wolves
turn from regular wolves into merciless hunters of the night.

-=Callisto=- 13.07.2013 19:56

Below the maximum possible stats of the unique wolf drops.




-=Callisto=- 17.07.2013 16:49

Full moon phases

During the full moon, werewolves appear for 3 days.

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