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Spudtastic 18.02.2013 17:22

OMG, a new event coming....
Thanks DSO for making another draken event. I am somewhat appeased now.

SPARTIN12 18.02.2013 17:37

Do we know what the event is? please tell :mad:

-=Callisto=- 18.02.2013 18:14

Its another boss killing event.

flynntrex 18.02.2013 18:51

Excellent. Boss killing ones are a heck of lot more enjoyable versus dungeon grinding and collecting smurf berries. Can't wait to read more about the event.

gbuozgalvis 18.02.2013 19:55

could post more concret infos Callisto?

DocHolliday64 18.02.2013 20:00

Log on to the test server and check it out. Appears to be similar to the one late last year, though the goodies look different.

ghostnwn 18.02.2013 21:22

How about levels vs draken?
Deciding if I should level my guys to 40 or keep at high 30s

And are Draken shared between characters on one account?

Slitrobo 18.02.2013 21:39


Originally Posted by ghostnwn (Post 3139029)
And are Draken shared between characters on one account?

Your characters' draken are kept separate.

Bearer-of-Death 18.02.2013 21:42

Hi guys,

Don't get your hopes up, because this will be other event for OP F2P and P2P.

All players with characters below lvl 20 don't get to play in this event and all players below lvl 40 will have a very hard time to do even a small part of the event.

Its the event where you have to kill all the main bosses, King Heredur, Khayls, Herald, Sigrismarr and Gorga in normal mode.
And Herald, Sigrismarr, Gorga in difficult mode + Khayls in PW.

perrush 18.02.2013 22:00

Can anyone send me screenshots of the quests ? have only a level2 character on the testserver, can't see the quest.

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