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toby1kanobi 03.11.2011 22:18

Release R030
With R030 we bring you several small enhancements and 2 bug changes
You can now collect items and equipment to use for crafting to produce higher value items

NEW: Crafting

Collect items and craft more powerful gear

The crafting works as follows:
  • Go to the new cabinet, which you can find in any urban area, and click on it to open the Crafting area
  • Then add 4 items of the same rarity (e.g. 4 green) in to the 4 slots (Once an object is placed in the Crafting area, it disappears from the inventory).
  • Once you proceed with the crafting the 4 donor items disappear and the new item appears in one of the slots in the crafting area
  • Once crafted you may drag the completed item in to your inventory or add it automatically by closing the crafting area, if you choose to close the window before completing crafting all donor items will be returned to your inventory
When crafting the following rules apply:
  • Four items of the same rarity (e.g. four green) will yield one blue
  • The level of the new object is derived from the average level of the used items.
  • The item category of the manufactured object is defined by the items you use. For example: If four swords are used, it becomes a sword, two swords, an axe and a shield is used, there is a 50% chance that it becomes a sword, and by 25%, that it becomes an axe and a shield. It can include any equipment to be used for crafting.
  • Equipment of an ordinary (grey) and legendary (orange) rarity cannot currently be used for crafting.
NEW: Animated fight texts
  • The texts have been improved by fighting animations!.
Website: Expanded rankings

PVP players may be interested to see there standing so now we can offer several ways to view as opposed to one huge list
There are three currently available ranking types:
  • Top players of the day
  • Top players this week
  • Top players of all times.
PVP Battle Ground balancing, bug fixing and polishing
  • The flag cannot be captured before the start of the contest anymore
  • After the death of the flag carrier the flag is put back now after 30 seconds to its place of origin
  • It is now possible to register at the result screen directly again for a new contest
  • The positions of the flags and/or the flag carrier are now also in the mini map so it is now easier to find the correct flag
Quests: Bugfixes

Many Quest bugs that you have reported in the forum have been fixed. Here are some examples:
  • The availability of Quest objects has been improved, i.e. all objects are now properly clickable.
  • Some errors in quests that were played in the group are resolved, e.g. Now the empty vial is removed from your inventory if your party member fills the vial from the fountain you will receive the filled vial.
  • Error when viewing the quest text in the correct layout is now fixed.
Selected bug fixes
  • Mage: A problem with Teleport has been fixed
  • A problem of new socket already socketed items has been fixed.
  • Ignored player chat messages are now no longer shown.
  • The display upon death was further enhanced to prevent accidental selection of a possible revival type
  • Halloween is over and the good people of kings hill have stored there decorations for another year, relieved that the heroes who passed through were strong enough to see off the undead
  • In urban areas artefact dealers have emerged to take the stress of selling magical and unique items from blacksmiths
  • Workbenches for crafting have been built in urban areas.
Known issues
  • After an Arena battle ends we have the possibility that players are still in the related arena group. Normal the group should be automatically disbanded. You can leave the group by using the chat command “/leave”
  • Chat: The frequent loss of connection to the chat server and connection to the chat is a known issue. We are aware of the issue and as soon as possible we will provide a solution.
  • PvP Arena: It may rarely occur that players who sign up for a battle compete in its own arena. Solution: leave the battle and sign up again.
  • In some cases the game can lose connection while entering a Mini-dungeon. In this case it helps to reload the browser window (F5).

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