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14.05.2012, 15:09
Greetings heros of Duria!

The public test server gives each player the chance to see the new changes, updates and features on the test server before they are put on the live server.

How does it work?

The test server is similar to the live server. Go to the following link:


Register there and then you can start testing right away.

We wish you a lot of fun with testing!

Your Drakensang team


How do I know what you want to test?

We have started a thread called "Test focus", this is where you will see what should be tested and what we need feedback on in the future.

Where do I send my feedback?

Please give us feedback in the feedback part of the forum.

I have written a ticket but I get the answer that I should go to the forum?

We don't have any ticket support for our test server, so all feedback should be routed through the forum.