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25.02.2012, 04:13
Just started playing this game and made a spellweaver. Was doing 1v1 deathmatches when i was put against another spellweaver who was lv 15, i am lv 17. For some reason his spells were different from mine. His frost nova had a second ring of spikes, his lightning strike was larger than mine and his fireball was also larger than my own. My question is how do i upgrade my spells so this happens? I want to add that his spells didnt do this all the time, his frost nova would occassionaly have only one ring. His spells also hit much harder than mine but i know that this can be affected by the essence he was using or by how much he had upgraded his wand.

25.02.2012, 06:22
Nevermind sorry for the post, seems like my graphics were just bugged my spells do the same thing as the other spell weavers's

25.02.2012, 08:57
Essences do modify how the spells look like though, some players even mentioned bigger range or area of effect using them (this part has yet to be proven though).

26.02.2012, 22:51
Satisfied op has been answered.