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18.02.2012, 20:30
Greetings fellow gamers! I just found Drakensang today, & this game looks amazing! I am anxious to create a character & get going...but when I click "PLAY" & it begins to load, I get this error message:


*** ERROR ***
Application: ???
Thread: GraphicsInterface Thread
Error: Failed to create Direct3D device object:

D3DERR_INVALIDCALL (HWND=0x6048c / 394380,

PARENT_HWND=0x1b0438 / 1770552)!

Serious bummer!!!
Thanks for checking this out....I'm pretty sure my system has all of the game requirements, but I could be wrong...if anyone has any ideas, I'd certainly appreciate some advice! I really hope someone can help me!

Thanks again!
One Jonesing Gamer,
Tara Hawkdance

18.02.2012, 22:07

Welcome to DSO. Please remember that we are in Beta Testing so there are many bugs and many changes and additions to come.

The Nebula problems are common. Some can be easily cures, others need technical support. First, check out computer system requirements (http://en.board.bigpoint.com/drasaonline/showthread.php?t=367678). If all is OK but you still can not access the game, submit a support ticket (http://agathon.drakensangonline.com/support) and wait for one of our tech specialists to get back to you.

I look forward to seeing you post that you're in the action.

18.02.2012, 23:10
Thanks Dward! I have submitted a support request, & hope to "get my fix" soon!