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28.01.2012, 21:47
PVP powerful healing orbs-------------

Considering the fact that one class can't travel over the "walls" at all, isn't it a bit unfair to put the healing orbs right on one side of a "wall" that can be jumped over?

Current situation in the arena : -----wall------

Why not put them this way : orb ------wall------

While players could be able to jump over the wall (vertically in this example), a DK charging horizontaly to the left could potentially end up at the orb at the same time.

PVP items prices-------------------------

Rebalancing of prices at the PvP trader and of the allocation of honor pointsSome legendary PVP items of my level (26) are worth over 150'000 honor.

I get ~200 honor each match overall, so that'd be 750 matches, 87 hours (7m*750) of pvp for a single piece of gear. Not only that but now you also get experience each kill (about the same as a normal monster of appropriate level, shared), so I don't think those items will ever be used unless you kill no player at all and always lose.

I understand that legendary items should be great and hard to get, but I'm only level 26, a bit farther than half my journey in terms of level and you already show me that "I can get one of those shiny items if I farm 87 hours", that actually makes me fear what has to come instead of rejoice.

I'd suggest more progressive prices on the PVP items so that the time spent doing PVP is somewhat close to what you'd end up doing to get one of the same quality doing PVE. That's considering PVE = PVP in terms of difficulty.

Forum search feature-------------------

While it works well overall I'm finding it a bit useless when I look for ""seal of souls"" and it gives me all the posts where he could find of. I'm not sure if it is already possible right now, but I'd like to be able to look for specific terms (phrases?).

Alternatively I can use google and search with "seal of souls site:en.board.bigpoint.com/drasaonline" to get the result I want, but there's already a search feature here.

29.01.2012, 06:01
I agree whit the Healing orbs.
We have 3 classes in DSO, 2 of them can jump over walls, DK cant.

Also Healing orbs heal for full health wich is a joke for me.