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Default Group System FAQ

Ahoy Admirals,

Group system FAQ

What is the group system and how does it work?

The group system allows up to five players to join forces in a group and take on adventures and challenges together.

How to minimize and maximize the group window?
Once you’re in a group, there’s a special group window which you can maximize and minimize by clicking by clicking on the “Group” button displayed on the bottom right of the player display.

How is XP distributed in a group?
When a group defeats a monster, the XP will be split equally among all members.

How can you create a group?
On the bottom right above the player display you’ll find a button which you can click to found a group. A group can have up to five players only.

How can you invite players?
Select a player and then click the “Invite player” button in the group window to send an invite to them. You can only ask players in your confederation to join your group. If a player is too far away or located on another map, you won’t be able to invite them.

How can you leave a group?
To leave a group, click on the X button in the group window. If you’re the leader of a group and wish to leave the group, the next player who you invited to play will take over group leadership.

What can the group leader do?
The group leader can invite members to join the group, they can kick members from the group as well as disband the entire group. If you’re a group leader and you decide to leave your group, leadership will automatically be passed on to the first player who was invited to join the group. As a group leader, it is your obligation to pass on group leadership to another player.
Can you belong to multiple groups at the same time?
No, you can only be a member of one group. Naturally you can switch groups whenever you want.
Can you simultaneously invite players?
No, the group leader can only invite players one after the other. The group leader is the only person who is authorized to invite players into the group.

Very important message:
To be rewarded XP, Cel or cargo items, every group members’ sub must be located outside the safe zone and must be in close distance of each other (not too far apart).

Thank you,

Your Deepolis Team.
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