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Default Deepolis: The redesign

Ahoy Admirals,

This DevBlog is meant to keep you informed about the Deepolis update: Your sneak preview, so to say, of the new Deepolis.

Deepolis is being completely redesigned. We’re not only going to change the way it looks, we’re going improve and optimize many features in order to improve gameplay, balance and performance. In an effort to make life easier for newbies, we’re also implementing a special area to offer these players protection.
Here are some details:

Simplified game functions
We’re removing the dive and surface functions completely, so you won’t have to worry about being at the right depth and will be able to enjoy faster and easier gameplay.
In order to keep the impression of depth, we’re going to display different depths in the individual maps.

Better balancing
Every confederation will have the same possibilities, meaning that power should be evenly distributed and balancing between the three confederations improved.

Optimized equipment management
You be able to drag and drop items from the dry dock to your ship and back again.

Better performance and gameplay thanks to the new map system

The entire map system will change: Instead of one large map, there will be many smaller maps with underwater portals, vortexes or channels, linking the different level ranges. These maps will improve game performance and optimize gameplay. There also will be some maps with special functions and others reserved for events as well as countless normal ones. Here’s an overview:

Tutorial map
New players will be able to play a tutorial on a special map where they will quickly learn the most important gameplay aspects, making their initiation much smoother.
New user maps
Once new players have completed the tutorial, they’ll be able to play in a protected environment on one of the new user maps. There will be one new user map for each confederation, and new users will only be able to play on the map belonging to their confederation.

Battle zones
These maps will be reserved for PvP and PvE battles. NPCs here will yield more EP than usual, and defeating other players will earn you honor points, unless they are clan or group members. There are three battle zones:
    • Battle zone 25: For players up to and including level 25
Honor points/defeated player: 1
    • Battle zone X: Open to all
Honor points/defeated player: 2
    • Battle zone 150: For players at and above level 150
Honor points/defeated player: 3

Naskaar portals and Naskaar maps
The Naskaar invasion events will be included and improved in the redesign. Every map will have an inactive Naskaar portal. Every now and then, the portal will be activated for a limited time, allowing three waves of Naskaar ships to emerge and attack you.
Players who defeat all three waves before the portal is deactivated will be able to enter the Naskaar map, where they’ll get to fight against tons of Naskaar NPCs. Naskaar maps are a great opportunity to earn loads of experience and honor points and make it to the top of the Naskaar ranking.

Baryon fields
You’ll find Baryon particle fields on every normal map in the redesign. You’re already familiar with them from the old Deepolis version, but their function will be slightly different in the redesign.
The Baryon particle fields will be activated for a limited time at random intervals. NPCs in the area will begin defending one as soon as it is activated.
If you attack and win a Baryon particle field, it will belong to your confederation for a full 24 hours. During that time, your confederation will benefit from a protected area around the Baryon field and receive extra EP for defeating enemies.

And that’s it for now – we’ll post more info as the redesign continues.
To go directly to the relevant discussion thread, please click here:

Stay tuned,
Your Deepolis Team
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Default Deepolis: The redesign

Ahoy Admirals,

Something sinister’s going down in the Deepolis waters: A group of pirates is attacking all confederations, with no respect for laws or life!

These pirates build their unique subs from wrecked submarine parts, combining only the best technology from all three confederations to turn their subs into deadly weapons!
Here’s how they look:

We’re counting on you to defeat these pirates: Collect parts from wrecked subs and copy their technology to turn their own weapons against them! Look for these pirates in the battle zones all over the Deepolis world’s oceans.

And of course, we’ll continue to keep you posted on any new developments, and look forward to your feedback in the discussion thread.

Wishing you new heights of excitement in the depths of the oceans,

Your Deepolis Team
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Default Redesign: Stations and the new trading system

Ahoy Admirals,
Deepolis is undergoing some changes with new maps and new faction balancing, which is why we would like to tell you about some other changes such as modifications to the trading system and stations.
In the future there will be two types of stations: Faction stations and neutral stations

Faction stations will be armed with defense systems and will fire on members of opposing factions. You will then only be able to enter stations of own faction; however, neutral stations are accessible by anyone.

There will no longer be a safe zone at any station. Instead, you’ll be able to dock with the station and will then no longer be targetable. While docked at a station a new window will open and you’ll be able to repair your sub or trade. You’ll also be able to receive special quests from stations or just relax and chat with other players.

The trading system will also be modified to match the new maps.

Now there will no longer be any influence of the population on the production. Instead the stations will need to purchase certain goods and materials from the players so that they can be turned into new items to sell. To make sure a station can continue producing items, you must make sure that the station has enough raw materials.

Make sense so far? Then get to your subs!

Have fun!

Your Deepolis Team
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