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Default new test server

ave u may herd there is gona b a new server to test the new quest system but i wana know will we have all the cpu`s unlimited ammo unlimited uri and unlimited credits? if that was so then that would b awsome then we could test how fast we could kill stuff

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Hi, you read my mind. Maybe Radovan8 or BiB could answer some of these

I was wondering how the test server worked?
for example:-

what constitutes (in radovan's own words) an equipped ship?

also what are the terms for use of the test server (on all the time, limited hours, limited players at any given time) as, if it is unrestricted you will get so many players on there to begin with that the server will either lag too much to play OR just crash?

will it be open too all players or will you have to register as a beta tester?

i imagine that these questions (amongst others) are on the minds of a lot of players. so come on admins, step up to the plate and give as a bit more than "Wait and see"

looking forward to some answers

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Seems to me they only have to give you what's needed to fulfill the test. Maybe no Uri, no credits, since these probably won't be needed to perform quests. Maybe a Nostromo with a few engines and shields. Maybe only one sector filled with some rocks and aliens and some quests to gather or destroy them. And even then, maybe one day would be a test for aliens and the next day a test for ore.

Remember, this is a test, not an all out free-for-all. Bigpoint probably wants you to run some simple quests and report any bugs you see in the bug forum. Nothing you do on the test server will have any impact on your normal account (you may even get reset every time you log in to the test server).

JMVHO. The Admins can give you more info than my guesses can. I'm just giving my opinion in case they don't for some reason.

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