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Old 11.06.2013, 11:20   #1
Dev Team
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Default About Bots...

Hello Space Pilots,

Today we would like to take some time to discuss a topic that has been a major talking point for the community and us developers alike, ever since it first appeared: Bots.

From the perspective of a player, which many of us are, the damages the bots can do are quite apparent and the resulting mood is understandable. Particularly in a game like DarkOrbit, which focuses heavily on PvP and rankings, we can clearly see that the value of a high rank or record scoring run is diminished when it’s not clear if that record was achieved legitimately.

The same goes for the whole development team, be it the Game Designer who spends a lot of time on balancing the game’s economy and encounters, the programmers whose code is abused by the bot creator or the numerous chat and forum moderators who work tirelessly to answer the questions and needs of the community; all trying to create a positive and enjoyable game for the honest players, which the vast majority of the player base are.

Over a period now, we have worked exclusively in the background and not made any public statements on this topic to ensure that the bot creators knew as little as possible about our measures and detection systems. And while we updated our encryption systems to try to shut the bots down, we feel that a holistic approach to this issue requires the support and understanding of the community itself.

That being said we would like you to know that we are currently working on a major update to the way bots are detected and punished which we hope will drastically change the overall amount and frequency of bots in the game. And while we anticipate this to be a big step in the right direction, as we speak out publicly against the use of bots, we ask you to do the same and take a stance against the bots, in-game and on the forums.

Originally Posted by -Rakeem- View Post
Hi ship7821,
I would like to take this opportunity to elaborate on a part of the OA that some of you already pointed out.

What we intended to express is that you can do this by educating new players on how to play fairly without external usages and speak up when someone talks about 'how cool' bot usage is. We do however have to moderate publicly available postings that include name calling of 'alleged offenders'.

This is not only done to prevent creating an atmosphere of back and forth allegations in our forums but also has legal implications with regards to online shaming/bullying.

Thank you all for your interest and feedback on this topic.

In closing: We have big plans for DarkOrbit, but we know the bot situation is critical and are working on multiple fronts to tackle this problem.

Thank you for your support and patience on this matter.

Your DarkOrbit Team

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Old 11.06.2013, 11:59   #2
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I know this sounds stupid but Rick when shall we see this update? 1-2 weeks? more? hope to see this soon so can help my noob clan m8s to kill like sibelons or help with mordons time quests
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Old 11.06.2013, 13:02   #3
Someday Author
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Hello Rick, I have a suggestion for you guys at bigpoint.

When you have eliminated all bots (?), lower the prices of everything (about 25% maybe?). Then you can be sure that no one will bot again.

Nevertheless, I would like to thank the dev-team for their recent efforts to stop the botters!

Greetings from Sweden!
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Old 11.06.2013, 13:44   #4
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In all fairness I blame Dark Orbit for the bots growing out of control, yeah its the "Bot Users" who decided to bot, but if BP wasn't a money inflicted greedy self centred company then this would not got as out of hand as it has done right now.

All these updates that you bring out, are unfair and pointless when you put caps on how "WE" earn "URI".

What drove most the honest community to either quit or turn to botting was your stupid idea to change the "PET KAMI" was the best and most useful way to earn URI to keep up with the limited number of cheats back then.

Since that was thrown out the window, most like I said quit or either turnt to botting, mainly because you was so lenient on their punishment, they knew they could basically get away with it and with such an unsuccessful rate of bans/catching them, most saw it fit to cheat because they knew they could, it was only way to keep ahead of catch up now, same with autolocks, a limited few used it, others got sick of always being autolocked, so buy it to play on an even playing field, its not PVP, its not skill, but its only way to fight autolockers, and that's with autolocks.

But back to the price of things, you have advantage packs, yeah 30% of overall with prem is nice but lets see the price of things, figures are not exact, kind of just rounded down a bit;

- 3,150,000 just to upgrade 45 LF4
- 1,400,000 just to upgrade 20 BO2
- 3,900,000 for havocs (If you are lucky nd it costs 130k per gate, nd u get them all in 30 gates)
- Hercs (Say about same as above, but even thats not true, chance can be anything, it sucks that its only a "Chance", my mate done around 30 Kappas for 1 Herc)...

(This is just the little equipment, this does not include the price to unlock all the PET slots, to buy all the needed protocols, which all adds to another couple million for those that want UFE Pets too)

So at the moment its like an estimated 13mill just to do upgrades and get drone covers, add another 3mill + to actually get the LF4 in the first place nd thats 16 mill, which on a MHH is still over £1,120

So the price is ridiculously high and you wonder why people bot, allow for the farming of prots to come back, Kami with no cooldown, or increase the lame number of cubes in x-6 Maps

Make a new map, have 10-20 cubes on it, who cares, there is no way to make URI fast enough for the price you expect us to pay to become UFE, this is why people bot and ever since your stupid update that made Bonus Boxes null, rank points have been stupidly high.

You can see your problem, the price is high and you capped the only good way to make URI income, other then botting now.

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Old 11.06.2013, 15:09   #5
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You are saying "Today we would like to take some time...". Yes, I bet it is the time! You should celebrate this day like DO Birthday. After more than (3) three years since bot phenomenon emerged, BP is making a timid step toward opening the discussion about bot software. But hey, lets give them a try, isn't it!

Then you said " create a positive and enjoyable game for the honest players, which the vast majority of the player base are...". Let's be fair: the vast majority are not anymore the honest players. The few remaining honest players made a lot of complaints about botusers but most of the time they are the only players affected: not BP and not botusers, but the honest players. Every measure taken against botusers affected in same manner the honest players even more. (to remember here shrinking the chance to find uridium from bonus boxes if you collect for more than a certain period a time).

In my opinion, BP's should had taken a firm stance against botuser even from the begining: closing the accounts that clearly use bot software (stop pretending that BP need strong proves, the 1,000,000 destroyed npc and specific behaviour of ship using bot software being more than necessary evidencess). Video evidence are not accepted, Admins' actions against botusers are considered as one-sided action, but BP need solid evidences provided by the so called anti-bot software. Are these over 1,000,000 destroyed NPCs human possible? What else need to be proved?

And finally "...we are currently working on a major update to the way bots are detected and punished which we hope will drastically change the overall amount and frequency of bots in the game...". If this mean more than one month taking into consideration the already past three years, then the announcement is meant dust in eyes. If "punished" is meant to deduct a certain amount of XP and honour then you are fighting with the wind mills. We, the few remaining honest players, do not fight against botusers' XP and honour but against their fully upgraded space ships!

But as I said, let's giving a try (another one) to BP!

All are said in good faith! If the grammar is not 100% correct, I have to be excused: I'm not native English speaker.

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Someday Author
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Default Ty Dev :) I know coding sucks :)

Thank you RickDekard,
we applaud your effort and annoncement great step in the right direction, opening up communication is always the best step

- ĽłßξЯλŦΦЯ
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Originally Posted by RickDekard View Post
And while we anticipate this to be a big step in the right direction, as we speak out publicly against the use of bots, we ask you to do the same and take a stance against the bots, in-game and on the forums.
All great until you start handing out pushing deductions to player who do so. So many loop holes ...
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Old 11.06.2013, 16:24   #8
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not want to delete accounts that use bot? if eliminated many new users into the game .. a matter of time. have patience to be worth what they earn .. but the bot is something they use for new users are forced to send the mega?
is that this is how I see it and this very bad ..

BP enforce the rules and eliminate not cumplem accounts.

no quieren eliminar cuentas que usan bot? si la eliminan muchos usuarios nuevos entrar al cuestion de tiempo. tener paciencia para que valga la pena lo que ganen..pero los bot es algo que usan para que los usuarios nuevos se vean obligados a enviar al mega?
es que asi es como yo lo veo y esta muy mal..

BP hagan valer las reglas y eliminen cuentas que no las cumplem.
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Old 11.06.2013, 16:29   #9
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I want to report a Bot .. Can anyone tell me how do i report him..
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Old 11.06.2013, 16:36   #10
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[edited] DO cant catch the smart botters.. Is DO system so weak to catch people like him.. he is now on rank 101.. he botting since 1 or 2 years and no catch.. i chatted with him and got to know he pays for the bot he uses.. DO please remove ppl like him from the server...

Last edited by -Rakeem- : 11.06.2013 at 18:36. Reason: namecalling
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