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Cool The CBS

Is there a CBS log that can be checked for ship kills?

When ships are destroyed by a CBS, where does the ep, rank points, uridium, honor, and credits go to?

Is it dispersed throughout the Clan?

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There is NO log for ship kills - even though that is an awesome idea

The kill rewards are not given to anyone. A person that has been killed by a CBS shows in the log : you have been destroyed by unknown

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At this time its much like being destroyed by a npc, no logs or rewards are given atm. I myself like this idea and will pass it along, good stuff.



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I have personally been shot down 3 or 4 times by "unknown" when the battle station got the first shot off haha.

I don't have a battle station, but I guess it would be cool if people could check to see who their station shot down

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