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Default Skylab bots

Has anyone tried using the uri bots in skylab? I figure they must increase seprom, because why would they just work for the collectors? Has anyone used these and do you notice a difference?

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They only work for the prometium, endurium and terbium collectors. I just bought one to test it out and they increase production by 4% each. The credit ones increase production by 1% each.

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they are worth it early on when your struggling to build the skylab as fast as possible....not the uri ones..the credit ones..... should build the lab in each early stage is one level ahead of the next..that shouldnt run out of ingredients for each next stage..if your sending rock to sell or boost lazers n'll need the little extra boost the bots supply..

you wont need to use many if your doing things right...and it doesnt cost too many creds....the uri ones just speed it up a little bit more...but if your doing things right in the first wont need the uri ones...

i usually set them going when i start a new account to get things shuffling along at the early stages..

there is no way to speed up production of sep...once its at level 20..thats fast as it will go...takes about 2 days to fill up...

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Hello Budaba

The above is correct - thankyou bobmyself and POBB.

The Skylab Robots will only increase the production of your Collection Modules, not your Refineries.

Do you have further questions?
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